Barista & Co Top 10 Brews With The Twist Press

After 2 years of design, prototyping and production, the Twist Press Coffee Maker is finally here and available to purchase online. Explore the irresistibly smooth, clean and strong coffee in as little as 60 seconds!

At home, in the office, on a weekend trek, or travelling with friends, you can still enjoy your favourite blend with this innovative new coffee press. With just one piece of kit and your favourite ground coffee, you can brew to your own taste in just a few minutes, for consistently good coffee every time. 
We've combined our top 10 ways to brew with the Twist Press so you can find your perfect recipe.

1. Americano
A classic and so simple to make. Check out our brewing tips to see our guide on how to make an americano and also makes a base for any coffee.
2. Latte

One of the most popular speciality coffee's, make the perfect latte from scratch with the addition of a milk frother or steam wand and milk jug. A latte is made up of 1/3 coffee, 2/3 hot milk and topped with foam. Simply, make your coffee base using your Twist Press then add your milk and foam (and of course sprinkle some chocolate or cinnamon).

3. Mocha
For a more decadent coffee treat, why not try a mocha? Add your favourite hot chocolate powder or shavings into your mug, twist your coffee base over and stir until dissolved. Using a milk frother or steam wand and milk jug top with hot milk and foam. Go all out with a sprinkle of more chocolate or cinnamon. 

4. Iced Coffee
After seeing a boom in iced coffee this summer, no wonder it's on our top 10.
To make the perfectly cool treat, fill a tall glass with ice and twist your coffee base over the top. Add milk and sugar to taste and stir. 

5. On The Go 
Technically not a type of brew but all great coffee makers need to be versatile in all brewing situations, not just methods. The Twist Press is great for travel with its compact size and storage compartment. 

6. In The Office
Again, not technically a brewing method but you'll definitely be the envy of the office when you whip out your Twist Press, especially when they are drinking from the communal carafe or instant coffee.

7. Espresso Martini
The Twist Press has many talents, even boozy ones. 
Simply, twist your coffee base into a cocktail shaker, add a handful of ice, pour in 1 shot of vodka and 1 shot of coffee liqueur and shake. Pour into a glass and voila!

8. Irish Coffee
Anyone for a nightcap? One of the most popular after dinner treats, the Irish coffee has been made even easier to make with the Twist Press. 
Add 1 tsp of brown sugar and 50ml whiskey in your mug, twist your coffee base over and stir until the sugar has dissolved. Gently, pour double cream over the back of a spoon to make the cream sit on top of the coffee. Sprinkle over chocolate or nutmeg for an extra treat.

9. Inverted Method
Flip it!. The inverted method is great if you want to leave your coffee for longer to make it a stronger. Start with your Twist Press upper storage handle upside down and twist the helix chamber on top. Add your coffee and water and stir. Leave for 4 minutes or longer is you want an even stronger brew. Place your preferred filter over the lower handle and twist on top of the helix chamber. When you're ready flip onto your mug and twist. 

10. Tea
For all you tea lover's out there, the Twist Press is a great way of making a loose leaf tea. We recommend using the inverted method to make tea so you can have more control of your brew strength. 

We'd love to see what recipes you come up with using the Twist Press or any Barista & Co coffee maker. Send your brews to or tag us on Instagram using @baristacouk.


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