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Whether it’s a 30-mile gravel ride with ten mates, an adrenaline-led solo mountain bike down some steep trails, or a wholesome family cycle through the forest, we know every good ride starts with the cup of coffee.  


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Does Caffeine Help with Playing Sports? 


The boost of caffeine pre-ride is a great way to fuel your body for the trails ahead.  


Caffeine has been proven to increase alertness and the ability to concentrate. Research has also showed caffeine to be an aid in athletic performance, stimulating the system to boost the metabolism and generate more energy. 


In turn, these effects can be transferred to the bike ride, making for a faster, more efficient cycle overall. 


The Best Coffee Maker to Take on Your Bike Ride 


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We know that when you’re out and about on those frosty mornings, or halfway down a muddy bike trail, feeling wet and cold, there is nothing greater than a fresh, hot beverage to warm your hands and bring life back into your body. 


Whilst you might want to bring your Rocket Appartamento coffee machine on your ride, no desperation can hide the fact that the machine is just way too large for your new streamlined Ribble bike.  


This is why we invented the Twist Press Coffee Maker 








It’s the greatest accessory to accompany you on your journey. The Twist Press is designed with collapsible handles, the perfect size to fit in your rucksack, and a hidden compartment to store your ground coffee.  


At just the twist of a handle and no mess, this manual coffee maker is the durable option to add extra luxury to your long cycle’s.  


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Barista & Co x Chapeau! 


To celebrate those who get on their trusty two wheels come rain or shine, we’ve partnered up with our friends at Chapeau! Cycling to bring you all a huge giveaway, just in time for the festive period.  


This is the Ultimate Bundle. 

The one to fuel ALL rides… 


Over on our Instagram, we’re offering a huge prize of 3x 200g bags of our most popular coffee, our Twist Press Manual Coffee Maker, a Coffee Measuring Spoon, £5 off your Super Fresh coffee subscription and a Chapeau! Etape Thermal Merino Jersey. 


To enter, you simply need to head over to our Instagram and follow the instructions on the most recent pinned post. 


For a valid entry, you simply need to like and share the post, follow @baristacouk and @chapeaucycling. Also, tag a mate who looks mighty fine in lycra in the comments on the post. 

Barista and Co bike ride

The competition will close at midnight on the 15/12/2022 and the winner will be announced via story and notified through direct message. 


If you’re keen to take part, head on over to our socials and step up your cycling game! 

Good luck!  

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