New Menu! Barista & Co Social Launch Sourdough Slices, New York Cookies & Soft Scoop Ice Cream

Barista & Co launch new sourdough toast and cookie menu for brunch in Ringwood

Available from 8.30am - 2pm Tuesday to Saturday

We're so pleased to be bring a brand new food and drink offering to Ringwood. As you know, we're experts in super fresh coffee. We've met so many of you over the last couple of month and loads of you even signed up to our whole bean coffee subscription! We can't thank you enough for the warm welcome we've received in the Market Place.


As well as our award-winning, super fresh coffee you'll now be able to choose from a selection of sourdough slices, New York Cookies and Jersey Dairy Soft Scoop. Everything on our menu has been taste tested by the team, and everything has got a huge thumbs up. We've got vegan and gluten free options available, but if you have any specific dietary requirements come and chat to the team - we're here to help.


Think something is missing from our menu? Well that won't do, will it! Let us know and we'll see what we can do.




Espresso - £2.60

Macchiato - £2.65

Long Black - £2.60

Latte - £3.10

Cappuccino - £2.95

Flat White - £2.95

Piccolo - £2.75

Mocha - £3.60

Chai or Pumpkin Spiced Latte - £3.50

Chococo Hot Chocolate - £3.50

Little Ones Hot Chocolate - £1.95

English Breakfast or Earl Grey Tea - £2.65

Jasmine or Peppermint Tea - £2.75

Pop & Softs

Karma Drinks £2.50

Something & Nothing Soft Seltzer - £2.50

Fresh Orange or Apple - £2.95

Canned Water (Still / Fizz) - £1.75

Hards - Coming Soon

BCo Espresso Martini - £7.50

Moth Cocktail Cans - £7.50

Vinca Wine Cans - £6

Eight Arch Square Logic - Pint £6 / Half £3

Eight Arch Big Cans - £4.50

Jubel Cans - £4

Arrowtown Hard Seltzers - £4.50

Savoury Food

Rise Porridge - £3.00

Sourdough Slices [Available Friday & Saturday]

Smashed egg, crispy bacon and slow roasted tomatoes - £6.95

Smashed egg, avocado, slow roasted tomatoes and seeds (V) - £6.95

Mozzarella, tomato, pesto, olive oil, balsamic glaze and basil (V) - £6.95

Smoked chicken, crispy bacon, lettuce, tomato and parmesan - £6.95

Iberico ham, Manchego cheese, Spanish tortilla and olives - £6.95

Charred banana, honey and cinnamon - £5.95

Mascarpone cheese, strawberry, raspberry and fresh mint - £5.95

Sourdough toast with a bit on the side - £2.25

Bit on the Side

Jalapeno Jam / Sweet Chilli Jam / Tomato Chutney / Mayo / Crispy Onion / Honey / Strawberry Jam / Marmite

Sweet Treats

Homemade NY Cookies

Milk Chocolate Chip - £2.50

Gluten Free Milk Chocolate Chip - £2.50

Dark Chocolate & Sea Salt (ve) - £2.50

White Chocolate Red Velvet - £2.50

Soft Scoop Top - £1.50

Jersey Dairy Soft Scoop [Available Friday & Saturday]

Soft Scoop (6oz) - £3

Half Cookie - £1.50

Loaded Sauces

Signature Sweet Espresso / Chocolate / Caramel / Strawberry

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