Barista & Co's Guide to the Twist Press Coffee Maker

Watch this short video of Barista & Co founder, James Gray, unboxing and brewing fresh coffee with the Twist Press coffee maker. We've designed this product to make it easier than ever for you to have fresh coffee on the go, but did you know that it makes a pretty cracking espresso martini as well? Check out our recipes at the end of this post.


Unboxing the Twist Press

Today I’m going to talk about what you’ll get in the box when you first receive your Twist Press.
You’ll find that you’ll have the Twist Press itself, your filter papers, and the instruction manual.
We include paper filters with every Twist Press, but you can easily order more filters online if you run out. We also stock all the components individually. We wanted to make it easy to repair your coffee maker and prevent the need to throw it away.

Taking the Twist Press Apart

I’m also going to take you through taking it apart for the first time and then putting it back together. So, to take it apart, you’ll find that you’re going to have four key components.
First and foremost, you’ve got the upper handle section. This is where you’ll find the silicone plunger. You then have a storage lid which sits on the top of that. We’ve designed this storage lid to hold 45g of ground coffee so you can keep your caffeine levels topped up on the go.
Once you take your Twist Press apart you’ll also find the lower handle and then you have your helix chamber. The lower handle is where you’ll put your filter paper for the first time. Remember, all these components and the filter papers are available to buy online.
You may find that when you take it apart for this first time, that the silicone plunger will come off. This is very easy to put back together and that’s something that we’re going to show you a little bit later.

Brewing Coffee with the Twist Press

Now you’ve unboxed your Twist Press I’m going to take you through your first brew. So, you’ll take your filter paper and put it in to the lower section of the Twist Press. I generally wet it just to take away the dust.
We’re going to do some more advanced videos further down the line. We’ll take you through ratios and some greater details on grind size and share some of the tips that we’ve got.
So, you’ve wet your paper filter. We do that to take the dust of as I mentioned but also, it’s primarily so that there’s no flavour that’s tainted from that dust.
You’ve then got the helix chamber and the lower handle section. You’ll notice on the helix chamber that there’s a line mark and there’s also a line mark on the lower handle. All you do is put the lines together, and you give them a twist. You’ll hear that click if you’ve lined them up properly.
Now our recommendation is 15g of coffee to 250 grams of water. You can increase the dosage and you’ll get the same yield at the end. Again, we’re going to talk about that a little bit more when you want to do a higher capacity brew.
Initially we’re going to start off with the standard 15g of coffee to 250g of water.

Adding Fresh Coffee

So we’ve got our coffee here and we’re going to put it into the helix chamber. Something that’s very important is the coffee that you use. We recommend anything between a medium and a fine grind.
You can use an espresso grind coffee that you buy from the supermarket. You’ve just got to be aware that you’ll need to do a much slower plunge as it will be a much higher pressure within the chamber.
So once you’ve added your coffee, give it a quick shake to flatten the bed. Then what I want to do is I want to put in 3x the amount of water as we have coffee. This will be used to allow the coffee to bloom.
So we’ve put in 15g of coffee so we’re going to put in 45g of water. Again, that’s around 45ml or just enough to wet the coffee. We’ve added our water and now we’re going to give it a quick stir or a twist if you don’t have a spoon to hand.
It’s important to try and dislodge the coffee and that it's wet through and it doesn’t stick to the edges. We’re now going to leave it for 30 seconds to bloom.

Adding Hot Water

The coffee has now bloomed and we’re going to top it up with the hot water towards the top of the helix chamber. A very important thing to remember is not to fill the water all the way to the top of the chamber. You want to leave around a centimetre at the top.
Once you’ve done that you can put the upper section on and press down. The upper section also has alignment marks on it. So you can see that there’s an alignment mark here on the upper section. There’s also an alignment mark on the helix chamber underneath. That's how you know where you should insert. As a very rough guide if the handles are parallel you know that you’ve got the right position.
We’re now going to leave it to brew. We’ve now reached the end of our brewing time and we’re going to use the Twist Press. All you do is apply a little downward pressure and then start your twist.
It’s very important to remember that when you’re doing the plunging, you do it for 30 seconds. We've designed the product in that way and if you do it too quickly it builds up too much pressure in the chamber. If that happens, you can get a small amount of water seepage from the bottom.

What to do if You see Water Seepage

That’s perfectly normal because it’s been designed to release pressure so there isn’t an upbuild of pressure within the chamber. If you do see that happening, all you need to do is take off the pressure and then slowly start plunging again.
Never reverse the plunge though! That will pull the paper filter out from the base. It’s very important that you stop and then apply the pressure, don’t reverse it. As you get towards the bottom of the plunge you’ll hear the air pressure come out and you’ll know that’s when you need to stop.
Don’t apply too much pressure on the handles thereafter. Give it a quick shake to prevent the drips going anywhere and then you’re done. You can enjoy your coffee as it is as a short black. Or you may choose to top up with a little bit of extra water if you’d like to have a longer coffee.
Click here to view our best coffee recipes and discover even more ways to use the Twist Press coffee maker at home or on the go.

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