How to Manage Your Coffee Subscription – Pause, Cancel or Amend at Any Time!

We've all had our fingers burnt in the past. I'm a sucker for a good subscription company, and let me tell you there is nothing more annoying than a subscription that makes it difficult to cancel. We won't name names, but I don't want to sit on hold for 56 minutes to cancel my subscription ever again. 


Barista & Co is different. We really do put you in the driver's seat when it comes to managing your coffee subscription. Whether you've got too much coffee and you'd like to pause for a couple of months or you've found a local roaster that you prefer the taste of (I highly doubt that but you never know), you can pause, cancel or amend your coffee subscription at any time. 


As long as you do this one thing... 

Log In or Create an Account 

I've got to hold my hands up here. We're a small company, there are only 8 of us responsible for roasting, grinding and packing your fresh coffee subscription. 99.9% of the time things work out great, hence we've just hit 500 reviews on Trustpilot! 😏 


However, if you don't create an account with us when you check out – you won't have access to your subscription if you do want to cancel, pause or amend. This isn’t a huge issue, you can always send us an email. But we know life is easier when you're in control. 


So if you can't amend your subscription, the first thing I would do is check that you've got an account with us. The good news is you can create an account whenever you want, even after you've subscribed to our fresh coffee.  


Log In or Create an Account 


 Barista & Co log in to your account or create a new one to manage your coffee subscription

As long as you use the same email address to create an account, you'll see all the information about your subscription. You'll be able to pause or cancel immediately so don't panic. 

Your Account Dashboard 

When you log in to your account, you'll see a screen that looks similar to this: 

Click here to manage your coffee subscription and change your order

It will show you all your previous Barista & Co coffee and coffee maker orders, plus give you more details about your subscription. To change or edit your coffee subscription in anyway, just click the grey button on the top left.  


We're using screenshots from one of our own accounts and have had to block out a lot of the personal information. When you log in, you'll be able to see all of the details we talked about above. 

Managing Your Coffee Subscription 

We've given you access to a variety of tools to help you manage your subscription. Your experience is really important to us, so if there is anything more we can do then don't hesitate to get in touch! 


Once you've clicked 'Manage Subscription' on your account dashboard, you'll be able to: 


  • Update account information (such as name, address or billing information) 
  • Change your order frequency 
  • Change your next order date (bring it forward, push it back or update all future orders) 
  • Cancel your fresh coffee subscription 
  • Swap the products coming in your next delivery 
  • Pause your subscription indefinitely 
  • Get your order sent immediately 
  • Skip one month of your subscription 


Now this is a lot of information to take in for now, so use these links to help you jump to the place you need to be.  

Barista & Co Coffee Subscription: Useful Guides 

Show me how to: 


Update my account details 

Change my subscription order frequency 

Bring my next order forward 

Delay my next order 

Update all future orders 

Swap the coffee in my next subscription 

Pause my coffee subscription 

Get my next delivery now 

Skip one month of my subscription 

Cancel my coffee subscription

How to Update Your Account Details 

Updating your account details, such as name and address is simple. Simply log in to your Barista & Co account and head to Manage Subscription. You'll find useful screenshots and a step-by-step guide explaining how to do this at the beginning of this article. 


Once you've completed these steps, click the link that lets you edit your account info. 

change delivery and account information for your barista and co coffee subscription

Here, you can tell us about a name change, a new email address or update your phone number. It's worth noting that we use SMS messaging to let you know when your next delivery is coming. We also give you the option to skip your delivery by responding to that text message so we would recommend ensuring your mobile number is up to date. Of course, it's up to you though! 

How to Change Your Subscription Order Frequency 

Our coffee comes in bigger bags and we're really proud of this. I know right... who's proud about selling less coffee. Well here's a quick explanation. 


Not only does it give you more value for money (a lot more than supermarket brands), but it means we can send out less deliveries and omit less carbon back into the planet. To us, working closely with independent coffee farms, paying them up to 4x more than mass market brands and helping them develop their communities with our partners at 1% for the Planet seemed pointless if we're also contributing to the destruction of our planet. 


But what bigger coffee bags does mean is that sometimes you get more than you expected. If you chose our letterbox friendly coffee subscription, you've got enough fresh coffee to have one cup a day for 46 days... That's why we allow people to get their coffee subscription delivered every 6 or 8 weeks as well. 


If you find your kitchen cupboards are overflowing with freshly roasted coffee, the first thing I'd suggest you do is skip your next delivery. Then I'd suggest changing your order frequency so you aren't getting as many deliveries from us. 


To do that, simply click the 'Change Frequency' button as shown here: 

change your delivery frequency to get more or less fresh coffee on subscription

How to Bring Your Next Order Forward 

We've all been in your situation... too many people drinking too much coffee and we're getting worryingly close to running out completely. Don't worry, you can bring your next delivery forward so you don't have to wait at all. 


There's two ways to do this and it really depends on you and what you need. You'll notice a big button above your Payment Info that says 'Order Now'. If you click that button, our system will immediately place an order and send it to be dispatched for you. Easy peasy, except it won't edit your subscription. This means that your next delivery will still be scheduled for the same date which isn’t ideal for most people. 


Instead, I'd recommend clicking on the 'Edit Future Order' button shown in this screenshot: 

Click here to change your next coffee subscription order date


Once you've clicked on this link, you'll see a screen that looks like this: 


update entire subscription or just edit your next coffee order

From this screen, you can change the date of your next fresh coffee delivery, update the delivery date for all future orders or pause all future coffee orders indefinitely. 


Important Information: Make sure you select 'Update all future order dates based on selected dates' to prevent your scheduled delivery being dispatched and multiple payments being processed. 


The final step is letting us know when you'd like your coffee to be delivered. Just select the date from the drop down calendar as shown below: 

calendar format to select your next delivery date

You are free to bring your subscription forward or push it backwards.


Remember, if you have too much coffee, or you are finding you are running out of coffee too quickly it may be beneficial to change your order frequency. 

How to Delay Your Next Order 

If you have too much coffee and you'd like to delay the arrival of a freshly roasted bag, you can follow the steps in this section to delay your next order. This will allow you to push the date of dispatch back by however long you choose. You may prefer to skip your next delivery altogether. 

How to Swap the Coffee in Your Next Subscription 

We've made specialty coffee as simple as possible but cutting out all the faf. We have two house single origins – our lighter roast from Uganda and our darker roast from Colombia. Generally speaking, if you like to add milk then the darker roast is probably for you, but if you prefer notes of dark chocolate and sweet cherries, definitely give the light roast a try. 


We also have a decaf that's made using the exact same single origin Colombian coffee beans as we use in our house darker roast. We use a natural carbon dioxide decaffeination method so all of our decaf is 100% organic. 


Finally, we bring in a new Seasonal Roast every couple of months to let you explore coffee's from all over the world! You can find out more about the Seasonal Roast by visiting your Regulars Hub 


If you'd like to swap the products in your next subscription to try one of our other coffees or change your selected grind size, all you have to do is scroll down to where you'll find the 'Products in my subscriptions' tab and click on 'Swap Products'. Here's a screenshot so you can make a bit more sense of it all: 

change the coffee in my subscription

How to Pause Your Coffee Subscription 

To pause your Barista & Co coffee subscription, log into your account and head to 'Manage Subscription'. There is a step-by-step guide at the top of this article to help you do this. 


Once there, scroll down the page until you reach 'Manage upcoming order' and you'll be presented with a screen that looks like this: 

easy way to pause your coffee subscription

From this page, you'll see you've got the ability to pause your subscription, get your next order now or skip your next order. 


If you've got too much coffee and you want to make sure you use it all up before you get more fresh roast delivered, hit 'Pause Future Orders'. You can log back in to unpause your coffee subscription at any time.  

How to Get Your Next Delivery Now 

Managing your Barista & Co coffee subscription couldn't be easier. Simply log in to your account, head to 'Manage upcoming orders' and click 'Order Now'. Your most recent subscription order will be put back through our system and we'll dispatch once your coffee is roasted, ground (unless you're already grinding fresh at home' and bagged. 


This screenshot shows you exactly what to press to get your next coffee order delivered immediately: 

pause or skip your coffee subscription order


Important Note: Using this feature will not update your subscription and you'll still receive your next delivery on its scheduled date. If you'd like to update your order frequency or change the date of future orders, please click here. 

How to Skip One Month of Your Coffee Subscription 

We know there are other coffee's out there and some of them you might even be tempted to try. We're also not worried, so we've made it easy for you to skip a month of your subscription. Simply log in to your account and head to the Manage Subscriptions page. If you need help with this step then head to the top of this article. 


Once there, you'll see the option to pause future orders, get your order dispatched straight away or to skip a shipment. Select 'Skip Shipment' and your order won't get processed in our system. This means you won't get a coffee delivery and you won't get charged.  


When you skip an order, the next scheduled delivery will still go out. Make sure you log in again to skip another shipment if you're still not ready, or click here to learn how to pause your coffee subscription indefinitely.  

How to Cancel Your Barista & Co Coffee Subscription 

You know those big red buttons you were told not to press? Yeah, scrap that. We've made cancelling your subscription as easy as possible by putting a big red button on the screen for you. Take a look at this screenshot: 

how to cancel barista and co coffee subscription

To get here, follow the steps at the beginning of this article telling you how to log in to your account and manage your subscription. Scroll to the tab that says 'Cancel subscription' and click the big red button. Easy. 


I would like to ask a massive favour – we use all of the data collected from the cancellation form to improve our services. It's why we've managed to keep our single origin coffee at such a great value, switched to letterbox friendly delivery solutions and brought in new Seasonal Roasts for you to try. If you do have an extra minute to tell us why you have chosen to cancel your coffee subscription then we'd really really appreciate it! 

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