Shorty Stainless Steel Coffee Milk Frothing Jug & Pitcher (600ml)


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Want a more accurate pouring technique? The handleless Shorty Barista Milk Jug is designed to provide controlled and precise pouring. Inspired by professional baristas, the Shorty handleless milk pitcher has a small, exposed section of metal. This allows you to touch test the milk’s temperature and ensure the spout is wide enough to balance a steam wand.

Why we love it:

  • Directly holding the coffee milk jug allows great accuracy when pouring
  • Thick easy grip silicone is heat resistant to prevent accidents or damage
  • Determine the milk temperature with fingers by feeling the exposed metal base
  • Extended pouring spout provides a steady pour and doubles as a steam wand rest
  • Internal measurement markings to help accurate preparation and serving
  • Created from 1mm thick premium coated rust resistant 18/8 stainless steel
  • Part of the Barista & Co Beautifully Crafted collection

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View our Brewing Guide for inspiration.

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