Core Coffee Press 3 Mug/8 Cup - Teal
Core Coffee Press 3 Mug/8 Cup - Teal
Core Coffee Press 3 Mug/8 Cup - Teal
Core Coffee Press 3 Mug/8 Cup - Teal

Core Coffee Press 3 Mug/8 Cup - Teal


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The sustainable choice. 

A modern classic, step into the known for those who love the velvety texture of french press coffee. Made only from high grade stainless steel and borosilicate glass, the Core Coffee Press is the perfect choice for eco-conscious fresh coffee lovers looking for a plastic-free coffee maker 

Barista notes: 

Brews a textured, full bodied coffee for a medium strength black or white filter coffee. 

TipOnce you’ve added 15g of coarse/cafetiere ground coffee, add only 45g / 45ml of boiling water and leave for 30 seconds, this process is called ‘blooming’ and allows the coffee to de-gas producing a better flavoured brew, then continue to add the remaining water.  

As a quick guide, add hot water in line with the top of the metal base which is around 45ml. 

As part of our Buy A Coffee, Give A Coffee project, every product you purchase from our teal range, we donate to Project Waterfall. Learn More

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    Whether you call it a Coffee Press, French Press or Cafetiere, a brew made with this traditional coffee maker looks, smells and more importantly tastes fantastic. This statement piece is perfect as an everyday coffee maker or for those special occasions with guests. With integrated measure and mug markings on the handmade borosilicate beaker it is easy to brew the perfect amount of coffee, simply add 15g of cafetiere/coarse ground coffee, fill to the line with hot water and brew for 4-5 minutes. When you’re ready, slowly press the filter downwards and pour through our unique 360o lid for a well-controlled pour regardless of which way the lid is facing.

    Eco-friendly and fully recyclable

    No plastic here. Produced only from stainless steel and borosilicate glass all parts are fully recyclable and completely odourless, so the flavour of your brew isn’t tainted 

    Easy to pour

    The unique 360º design ensures the pour is controlled without having to align the filter to the pouring spout, just insert the lid and pour. 

    Protected against knocks

    The heat resistant borosilicate glass is settled in a stainless steel base to protect the glass from breakage while being removable for easy cleaning.