One Brew

4 in 1 Coffee and Tea Maker

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Life is fast. Pour slow. Inspired by the professional specialty coffee technique of allowing gravity to move the coffee to the bottom of an immersion brewer, such as a coffee press and then pouring slowly.

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The One Brew is a new way to brew and was developed to make gravity brewing easy so the user can enjoy a cleaner and more complex flavour than a cafetiere French press without any hassle. Life is fast, take a few seconds for yourself and pour slow.

  • Better than Cafetiere Coffee - by allowing your coffee to brew and settle for 6 minutes you will get more flavour from the coffee and by following the 25 second slow pour you can also enjoy a cleaner coffee without losing the velvety texture associated with cafetiere coffee press coffee
  • Four Brewers in One - The medical grade stainless steel filter and silicone seal means that the One Brew is incredibly versatile and can be used at home, in the office or camping for cold brew, hot coffee, loose leaf tea and even iced tea, all without the need for paper filters
  • Less Messy Grounds - the filter lid has an angular shape so when finished it can be removed and held to collect the grounds in or placed upside down in the sink to allow the water to drain from the used coffee before being disposed of or composted
  • Simple to Use - designed as a single serve coffee maker so you always brew fresh the One Brew has the same capacity as a standard 3 cup (350ml / 1 Mug) cafetiere, all you have to do is add coarse ground coffee, leave to brew, insert the filter straight and pour, no need for a press filter
  • Protect from Knocks - the silicone base protects your surface and the coffee maker from breakage and the BPA free materials are all reusable, recyclable and dishwasher safe while the thermal shock resistant borosilicate glass is easy to clean and won't taint the favour of your favourite coffee

Barista notes: 

Brews a textured, full bodied fresh coffee like a cafetiere for a medium strength black or white filter coffee. 

Tip: Follow our signature ‘slow pour’ over 25 seconds to encourage complex flavours to develop and to allow coffee grounds to stay sat at the bottom of the One Brew for a cleaner cup.  

If you prefer to avoid caffeine in the afternoon, try the One Brew with herbal tea.


<p>We offer replacement glass beakers, silicone seals and spare filters for the One Brew<br>The glass is widely recyclable as is the polypropylene and stainless steel.<br>As part of our Repair &amp; Recycle initiative we take the One Brew back for recycling and will offer a 10% discount on your next order to cover the shipping</p>