Milk Pitcher FAQs

    The key to great latte art is precision and perfectly steamed milk. Personally, I've always found it easier to create milk patterns with a smaller jug. Our Core and Dial In milk pitchers are available in 420ml size which is perfect for a single flat white, latte or cappucino. Our Barista Pro Pitcher is slightly smaller at 400ml, allowing for an even more accurate pour.

    Keeping your milk pitcher clean is essential and it couldn't be easier. Give it a quick rinse after every use and dry with a towel. If you want to deep clean your jug, you can do so with hot soapy water and a soft clothe.

    While stainless steel products tend to be dishwasher safe, we recommend handwashing your milk pitcher for longevity. You should always rinse and thouroughly dry your milk jug after every use. If you have a titanuium coated milk pitcher, please do not put it in the dishwasher.

    Barista & Co worked with 6X Latte Art Champion, Dhan Tamang, to create the initial shape of the milk pitcher. Dhan told us he always used a jug with a thin guage and a pointed spout and even let us take a 3D model of his own hand-made milk pitcher.

    We sent these initial concepts over to manufacture a prototype and let Dhan Tamang loose with the very first Barista Pro Pitcher at a few competitions. He loved it. So then we got feedback from 100 latte artists. Guess what? They all loved it as well.

    Finally, we were ready to create the Barista Pro Pitcher. Designed, developed and approved by 101 latte artists.

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    Because why wouldn't they be! Our black pearl and rose brass coloured milk pitchers have been wrapped in a titanium coating which adds to the manufacturing cost. Our stainless steel pitchers don't have the same titanium coating so we pass the savings on to you.

    Of course you can! Barista & Co have recently teamed up with a local company who provide a full personalisation and etching service so that you can have up to 30 characters personalised onto your milk jug. Currently, this feature is only available for the Barista Pro Pitcher.

    Please note: Personalised jugs will take around 1 week to arrive.

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