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Whether you call it a cafetiere, coffee press or French press, everyone tends to agree that the velvety texture of press coffee is something to enjoy and nice and easy to make at home. Our Core Presses are made with only premium grade materials and are 100% plastic free, even our packaging is only paper and card. Perfect for those who want to enjoy this classic brewing method in a sustainable way.

When you're making coffee in a cafetiere, there are a few things to bear in mind. Firstly, what kind of coffee do you like? Our House Light Roast is gorgeous if you like black forest tasting notes of blackberry, sweet cherry and dark chocolate. We always use these beans in our coffee press!

If you have a grinder at home, or you are buying ground coffee online, make sure you get medium course grind. When it comes to a coffee press, too fine of a grind could cause problems such as blocking the filter or falling into your cup.

Lat but not least, do not overbrew! The ideal brewing time for a coffee press is 4 minutes. Don't leave coffee sitting in the cafetiere either! Pour the fresh coffee into a serving jug if it's not going to be served immediately. If you only want one cup, choose a small coffee press so that none goes to waste.