House Single Origin Lighter Roast

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This Mexican single origin coffee is the perfect light roast for lovers of bright, bold flavours. We love this coffee as a pour over or filter!

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Hand-picked in the Chiapas region of Mexico, this 100% arabica coffee has been roasted in small batches to create this gorgeous house lighter roast. The house choice, we love this Mexican coffee as a pour over. Bright, zingy and packed with flavour - you'll be taken aback by the spicy undertones and bold aromas bursting from these beans.

Country. Mexico
Tasting Notes. Almond / Berry Fruit / Vanilla
Process. Washed
Roast. Lighter Roast
Brew Type. Filter + Espresso

Varietal. Red Bourbon

Region. Chiapas

Altitude. 1750m


Can I use filter ground coffee in a cafetiere?

Filter ground coffee is perfect for use when brewing a cafetiere coffee. The fine grind size allows for more coffee to be in contact with the hot water, making for a stronger, more flavoursome brew. The metal filter in the cafetiere is still fine enough to capture the grounds, delivering a clean cup of coffee. Due to the finer grind size of the coffee, it is recommended to reduce the brewing time slightly, aiming for 4 minutes instead of 6.

What is the best coffee to use for a cafetiere?

The truth is, it’s impossible to say the ‘best coffee for use in a cafetiere’ as everyone will have their own preferences on taste. Our Mexican lighter roast is our most popular coffee here at Barista & Co. With undertones of almond, berry fruit and vanilla, our house roast is best when enjoyed black, allowing the delicate flavours to deliver without compromise.