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Premium Coffee Makers

Discover some of our Core range of coffee makers and start find the one that makes your perfect brew today.

Core All Grind

Electric Coffee Grinder

An award-winning slimline coffee grinder with stainless steel burrs for excellent grind size consistency.

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Coffee Accessories

Our stainless steel coffee accessories have been designed to help you make exceptional coffee at home, work or play. Now save 25% on our coffee accessories clearance!

Did you know...

We surveyed 1,000 coffee lovers to find the nations favourite coffee. The vast majority of people voted dark roasted coffee as their go to choice. However, when we invited people down to Barista & Co Social for a blind taste test every single person chose Our House Lighter Roast as their favourite.

Barista-Approved Milk Pitchers

Our milk pitchers are world-famous, used by latte artists and professional baristas in 38 different countries.