Arabica Course Ground Coffee - Blue Mountain 250G


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We’ve created our coffee to perfectly complement the Barista & Co product range. Introducing the Arabica course ground Colombian, Brazilian and Costa Rican coffee for French presses, ideal for the home brewer. It is the perfect daytime coffee with a strong, sharp flavour deliciously blended with subtle caramel and toffee flavours.

The coffee packaging is resealable which prevents the coffee from contacting with the air, keeping your coffee smelling and tasting as fresh as the day it arrived!

This Central American coffee is coarse ground, which means that it can be used with all our coffee makers.

  • Available in two convenient sizes 250g and 125g
  • Aromatic blend that is perfect to be used as an everyday coffee
  • All bags are resealable, which allows you to retain the wonderful flavour and aroma of the coffee.

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