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Darker Roasted Coffee
The bolder flavours of dark roasted coffee beans complement the sweeter flavours of milk. Rocket Man is our darkest roast yet, perfect for espresso drinkers. Meanwhile Samba Nights is packed with those chocolate and nut tasting notes that everyone loves.
Rocket Man Samba Nights
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The Discovery Pack
Can't decide which coffee beans to try first? Get your hands on our brand new Discovery Pack to try 3 of our best selling coffees. Find your favourite then create your plan to get the best value single origin coffee delivered when you need it. Available in whole bean or preground.
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Why Darker Roasts? ☕

Darker roasted coffee beans tend to have a more robust and bold flavour, which can complement the natural sweetness of milk. If your go to brew is a flat white, cappuccino, latte or cortado then you definitely want to get your hands on some high quality darker roasted coffee beans.

Our top picks for you:

The Best Coffee

For Latte Lovers

Samba Nights Medium Roast

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coffee beans last longer timer Stays Fresher. Whole bean coffee lasts 10x longer than preground.
less coffee deliveries Better for the Planet. Less deliveries, less carbon, better for our environment.
best coffee taste Tastes Better. Whole bean coffee locks in the flavours and aromas.

Our favourite milky coffee recipes:


The milkiest coffee drink of them all! Top your espresso shot with steamed milk and silky smooth foam.

Flat White

Similar to a latte, but uses less milk. Flat White's are the UK's favourite coffee-based drink.


For people who love their coffee deliciously foamy and covered in chocolate sprinkles.


An elegant coffee-based drink using silky smooth steamed milk and espresso.


To make your favourite milky coffee's at home, you'll need some coffee gear. Whether it's an espresso machine, milk frothing jug or accessories you can find it all here: