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Single origin light roast
The go to roast in our office, available in 350g or 1kg recyclable coffee bags.
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Why Light Roast Coffee? ☕

The longer and darker you roast coffee, the more of the natural oils escape from the bean leaving you with a bready, bitter flavour you expect from Italian coffee. While this pairs very well with milk and is perfect for a latte or cappuccino, we'd always recommend light roast coffee to black filter lovers.

Light roast coffee may benefit those who prefer black filter coffee as it generally contains more caffeine, has more distinct flavour notes, is less bitter, and has higher levels of chlorogenic acid. All in all, this type of coffee often has more berry, stone fruit and sweet vanilla tasting notes.

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Single Origin Lighter Roast

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coffee beans last longer timer Stays Fresher. Whole bean coffee lasts 10x longer than preground.
less coffee deliveries Better for the Planet. Less deliveries, less carbon, better for our environment.
best coffee taste Tastes Better. Whole bean coffee locks in the flavours and aromas.

Brew Tips & Guides:

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Make a black filter coffee at home in under 5 minutes with the award-winning coffee infuser stick - the Brew It Stick.

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Pour Over

There is nothing more eloquent that making a fresh pour over coffee at home. Master the art of the pour over with our guide.

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Strong Brew

The Strong Brew is the quickest, easiest and cleanest way to make a strong, black filter coffee at home.

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One Brew

Utilise the specialty coffee method of allowing gravity to extract the flavours and get a cleaner, crisper cup of coffee.

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To make your favourite milky coffee's at home, you'll need some coffee gear. Whether it's an espresso machine, milk frothing jug or accessories you can find it all here: