One Brew For Tea


One Brew

Your Favourite Loose Leaf Tea

Hot Water 

Measuring Spoon

Coffee Cup


Leave for a minimum of 4 minutes, however to increase strength you can leave to brew for longer.

⬅︎ Brewing Tips


Remove the lid from the One Brew and place 15g loose leaf tea into the beaker.

Step 2

Slowly pour hot water over tea up to the white measure.

Step 3

Slowly place the filter lid back onto the beaker and push down.

Leave to brew for a minimum of 4 minutes to allow the sediment to fall.
During the brew, the filter lid has been designed to tilt forwards to release any air pressure and allow for an easier pour.

Step 4

Pour into your favourite mug and enjoy!

Simple to Clean: remove the filter lid and add a small amount of water to the beaker. Swirl the water around the beaker to loosen the leaves and hold the filter over the sink with the filter facing downwards. Pour the mixture from the beaker back through the filter to catch the fines and wait until the excess water has filtered through. Dispose of the leaves in the bin and hand wash the beaker and filter lid and dry ready for your next brew.

One Brew