Desserts just got a whole lot better... because we've loaded them with super fresh coffee. These delightful pudding recipes are sure to make your mouth water - rich Mocha Chocolate Brownies, coffee-soaked oats and more!

Coffee Dessert Recipes

mocha brownies chocolate and coffee

Mocha Brownies

Does it get better than coffee and chocolate? Well technically it does when you combine them in these gooey chocolate brownies. Take a look at the recipe.

Mocha Brownies Recipe

breakfast coffee recipes

Overnight Oats

Breakfast? Nah. This coffee-fuelled bowl of overnight oats is the perfect dessert for caffeine junkies. Try it for yourself - here's the recipe.

Coffee Overnight Oats Recipe

share your coffee dessert recipes

Share Your Coffee Dessert Recipes

We want YOU to tell us your all time favourite pudding recipes that are packed with coffee, the sweeter the better in out opinion...

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