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The Key To A Fantastic Cup of Coffee

We care about the cup of coffee in your hand, not just the beans that go into it. That's why we follow the three pillars of super fresh coffee.

freshly roasted coffee beans

Roast Fresh

We roast coffee in small batches between the forest and the sea. It's how we guarantee quality and consistency in every bag. Our coffee Regulars benefit from a free brew whenever they pop in to see us!

freshly ground coffee beans

Grind Fresh

It's not just about award-winning beans though. Everyone knows coffee tastes better when you grind fresh. Discover our range of electric coffee grinders and at-home barista accessories when you visit.

fresh brewed coffee

Brew Fresh

Did you know that 51% of people use the wrong style of coffee maker for their preferred choice of brew? We've cut the jargon, making it easier for you to make the right choice. Take the coffee maker quiz.

Your Questions

We believe in great coffee. That's why we think it needs to be roasted fresh, ground fresh and brewed fresh to get the best cup in your hands. You simply cannot compare instant or preground coffee to the beverage you'll be drinking if you grind fresh at home... Think about it. Have you ever visited a specialty coffee shop that doesn’t grind fresh? 

The Whole Bean Revolution is our master plan to get everyone onto specialty coffee at home or at work. Trust me when I say it's not as difficult or expensive as you might think. In fact, buying whole bean coffee is usually cheaper!  

However, we're also realists. It's a big jump to move from¬†preground¬†coffee to freshly roasted whole bean coffee. Firstly, you need to find a coffee that you're mad about ‚Äď no good making the switch if you're not a fan of the beans! Secondly, you need a coffee grinder. That's why we've created this mega bundle. Now you can join the Whole Bean Revolution for less than ¬£100. Simple.¬†

There are three main points to consider when discussing the benefits of whole bean coffee over preground. 

Firstly, it stays fresher for longer. We're all fans of roast dates and making sure our coffee is as fresh as it can be. As a Barista & Co subscriber, you're already guaranteed super fresh coffee roasted within 7 days. But did you know preground coffee will only last a few weeks before it begins to oxidise and the flavour is ruined? Whole bean coffee stays fresh for up to 3 months. Winner winner chicken dinner. 

Secondly, it's better for the planet. As whole bean coffee stays fresh for longer, you don't need to order as frequently. Our subscribers take advantage of this by getting their beans delivered every 6 ‚Äď 8 weeks instead of monthly. Less deliveries means less vans on the road which means less¬†pollution.¬†

Lastly, it's cheaper. Like tons cheaper. Our kilo club Regulars get their coffee from as little as 26p per cup. That's better value than almost all of the supermarket brands.  

Whole bean coffee lasts up to 3 months. Coffee doesn't really begin to oxidise until it has been ground due to its tough exterior. When your coffee does oxidise, it will be bland in flavour and have a bitter/off taste.

We keep it really simple at Barista & Co. You don't need a degree in coffee to choose the best one! With our grind fresh deal, you can choose from our House Darker Roast, our House Lighter Roast, our House Decaf Roast or our Seasonal Guest. Now that's not very helpful yet, so here's a simple breakdown: 

Our House Darker Roast is a Brazilian coffee, hand-picked in the Serra de Mantiquera region. Now this region is famous for creating beautiful, chocolately coffee's and this one in particular doesn’t dissapoint. You'll notice chocolate, macadamia and hazelnut tasting notes coming through. 

Our House Lighter Roast is very different, hand-picked in Mexico by farmers we know by name. When you roast coffee beans lighter, you get more of the natural flavours of the bean and you can expect almond, berry and vanilla tasting notes to come through. This is the perfect coffee for people who drink black, filter brews in my opinion. It has an interesting spice finish that it unlike anything else I've tried. 

Our House Decaf Roast gets rave reviews from our coffee subscribers. Yes, it's decaffeinated. But no, it doesn't taste like it's been decaffeinated. This coffee come straight out of El Salvador to be roasted in Dorset and delivered straight to your door. It's chocolate and orange tasting notes aren’t lost in the decaffeination process as we use the natural CO2 method to lock in as much of the flavour as we can. It's an excellent choice for an after dinner brew, and decaf actually has many health benefits so it's worth giving it a go. 

Finally, we move on to our Seasonal Guest. If I'm being honest, we drink Seasonal Guest in the office as much as we can because it's always an insanely high quality coffee at unbelievable value. Our current Seasonal Guest is from Peru but this will change every 3 ‚Äď 4 months so keep your eyes peeled for updates.¬†

Of course you can! As soon as your subscription is created you'll be sent a link to access your dashboard where you can make any changes to the product, frequency or quantity that you want. It's also where you'll go to pause, skip and order or cancel. You'll never be tied in to a Barista & Co coffee subscription.

For Coffee Shop Quality

Grind Fresh Coffee at Home

You simply can't beat a freshly ground cup of coffee. The taste. The smell. Everything about your cup is next level.

The way we see it is simple... fresh carrots taste nicer than tinned carrots. Freshly squeezed orange juice is delicious when compared to the stuff in cartons. And coffee... well coffee tastes better when it's ground fresh.

Electric Grinder & Coffee Beans From £99

About Your Coffee Subscription

Why a lighter roast?

Our Arabica coffees are roasted slightly lighter as we use a higher grade of specialty coffee. Traditionally lower grade supermarket commodity coffees have been roasted darker to hide the nasty flavours of the poor quality coffee. As our coffees are full of natural flavour we want them to shine without any burnt notes. You get all the flavours you love and a whole lot more.
Dark roast single origin Columbian coffee subscription

Single Origin

House Darker Roast

350g - £12.49 1kg - £28.99

A brilliant Brazilian coffee, hand-picked in the Mogiana region with distinctive chocolate, hazelnut and macadamia nut tasting notes.

Darker Roast.

Country. Brazil

Taste. Chocolate / Hazelnut / Macadamia

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Our House Darker Roast is a rich Brazilian coffee, perfect for those that add milk. With chocolate undertones and a hazelnut and macadamia nut finish, you'll be surprised with the explosion of flavour this rich Yellow Bourbon varietal offers.

The beans have been naturally dried in the sunny hills of the Serra de Mantiquera‚ÄĮRegion at an altitude of 1000 - 1100m. This process enhances the natural flavours of the crop.

Light roast single origin coffee from Africa fresh roast

Single Origin

House Lighter Roast

350g - £12.99 1kg - £31.99

Bright, zingy and packed with flavour - you'll be taken aback by the spicy undertones and bold aromas bursting from these beans.

Lighter Roast.

Country. Mexico

Taste. Almond / Berry Fruit / Vanilla

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One of our all time favourites, this 100% arabica single origin was hand-picked and roasted in small batches to deliver a sensation of flavours.

We're incredibly proud to be working directly with a community-led coffee farm in the Chiapas region of Mexico to bring this Red Bourbon single origin coffee direct to your door. Back
Fresh coffee roasters decaf

Single Origin

House Decaf Roast

350g - £12.99 1kg - £31.99

Naturally decaffeinated using the CO2 method, we've locked in the flavour of these coffee beans to ensure a brilliant brew every time.

Darker Roast.

Country. El Salvador

Taste. Chocolate / Orange / Hazelnut

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This decaf is from Santa Ana department of El Salvador, grown at an elevation of approximately 1100m amsl, in the foothills of the Ilamatepec volcano, in rich volcanic soils. It is a blend of Pacas and Bourbon varieties and processed carefully to produce a clean and sweet cup. The coffee has been decaffeinated in Germany using the natural CO2 method. Back

Seasonal Guest From Peru

Dark Nights

350g - £13.49 1kg - £32.99

The dark chocolate and orange tasting notes sit boldly in this Peruvian coffee, roasted weekly in Dorset.

Darker Roast.

Country. Peru

Taste. Dark Chocolate / Orange / Almond

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This is a fully washed coffee from Peru's central highlands. The coffee is grown on small family farms, in hills bordering the towns of Satipo and Pichinaki, in the region of Junin; approximately 500km east of Peru's capital, Lima. It is a blend of varietals including bourbon, caturra and catimor. Back