You deserve a better cup of coffee at home.

enjoy better coffee, grind fresh

enjoy better coffee, grind fresh

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The Key To A Fantastic Cup of Coffee

We care about the cup of coffee in your hand, not just the beans that go into it. That's why we follow the three pillars of super fresh coffee.

freshly roasted coffee beans

Roast Fresh

We roast coffee in small batches between the forest and the sea. It's how we guarantee quality and consistency in every bag. Our coffee Regulars benefit from a free brew whenever they pop in to see us!

freshly ground coffee beans

Grind Fresh

It's not just about award-winning beans though. Everyone knows coffee tastes better when you grind fresh. Discover our range of electric coffee grinders and at-home barista accessories when you visit.

fresh brewed coffee

Brew Fresh

Did you know that 51% of people use the wrong style of coffee maker for their preferred choice of brew? We've cut the jargon, making it easier for you to make the right choice. Take the coffee maker quiz.

For Coffee Shop Quality

Grind Fresh Coffee at Home

You simply can't beat a freshly ground cup of coffee. The taste. The smell. Everything about your cup is next level.

The way we see it is simple... fresh carrots taste nicer than tinned carrots. Freshly squeezed orange juice is delicious when compared to the stuff in cartons. And coffee... well coffee tastes better when it's ground fresh.

1 Month Coffee Subscription Free with every grinder

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