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The Barista & Co Live Hub Event.


Ready to join us on the dark side?


Take everything you think you know about coffee and toss it to one side. We're the whole bean coffee people and we're coming to you to teach you how easy it is to brew specialty coffee at home.

Why bother?

👉 Specialty Coffee Sampling

Get a taste of the good life. Try our best selling coffees and find your favourite.

👉 Coffee Brewing Masterclasses

You don't need expensive gear to brew like a barista at home you know. We'll teach you.

👉 Free Gift with every purchase

Everyone likes free stuff, and they like it even more when it's free coffee stuff.

Brent Cross | 17th June

Join us at Fenwick Department Store from 11am

Kingston | 24th June

Join us at Bentalls Department Store from 11am

Newcastle | 1st July

Join us at Fenwick Department Store from 11am


"Consistently good coffee beans at a very reasonable price with discounts on future purchases through the "Free Beans" system. Very close to dropping the other supplier and going all in with a Barista and Co subscription.

The only improvement that they could make imho would be to send out some sample beans of other blends. I would like to try the decaf for instance and I only need about 36g.

Good selection of coffee related equipment."

strong brew coffee maker

"I got the chance to try some coffee and yes it was very nice, milder than my usual but a nice brew.

I also bought their grinder, after asking several questions which were speedily answered, I placed my order, it arrived a couple of days later.

Barista & co, as a company I am very impressed with, ethical, helpful, customer satisfation, and a great website. Cant recommend them and their products enough."