The Barista
Pro Pitcher

Designed for the Master of Milk

Barista & Co X Dhan Tamang

Barista Pro Pitcher

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By collaborating with Dhan Tamang we've nailed the ultimate milk pitcher. Pre-order the Barista Pro Pitcher to make sure you get yours before general release.


We'll be dispatching all pre-ordered Barista Pro Pitchers 2 weeks before general release.

Be Number One

Be one of the first people to own Dhan Tamang's milk pitcher and get access to exclusive latte art content.


Your name on your milk jug! We're personalising the Barista Pro Pitcher with up to 30 characters.

Dhan Tamang using the Barista Pro Pitcher

Approved by 101 Latte Artists

Does the pitcher really matter? Or are some people just born with the wrist action required to pour the perfect swan? We spoke to 100 latte artists about what the perfect milk pitcher should look like... Then we worked with Dhan Tamang to make this a reality.

✔ Ultra-Thin Guage

✔ Pointed Spout

✔ Ergonomic Handle

designing the stainless steel milk pitcher at Barista and Co

Experts at Pitcher Design

Over the last 5 years, we've desgined 18 different milk pitchers (and sold over 175,000). The Core Pitcher became the go to for barista's across the globe and our jugs were praised for accuracy, value and durabilty.

The Barista Pro plus is the only milk pitcher you will ever need. We're not just confident. We know. That's why from this moment onwards, we have discountued all other milk pitchers in our range.

personalised milk pitcher with your name

Limited Lifetime Guarantee

We use high quality, surgical grade stainless steel to ensure and our milk pitchers are of the best possible standard. Each handle is full contact welded, ensuring no creveses for milk to seep into and no risk of falling off. Every Barista Pro Pitcher is hand-finished due to it's unique shape and need for precision.

When you pre-order your Barista Pro Pitcher we'll also give you a limited lifetime guarantee. That means, if anything goes wrong* we'll send you a new one.

The Barista Pro Pitcher

Behind the Scenes

The 3D scan we took of Dhan Tamang's milk pitcher was unlike anything we'd see on the market for at-home and professional baristas. With a custom spout, welded handle and unique shape we know this is the pitcher that the winner of the next Latte Art Championships will be using.

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