The inspiration for Barista&Co arrived one day in Hanoi, Vietnam, when founders James and Louise Gray were enjoying a cup of local iced coffee known as ca phe sua. Sat in a bustling street café, they watched the simple effect that great coffee had on those around them. Whether taking a moment for themselves or talking to others, friends and strangers alike were all brought together by a coffee that was crafted with the same simple tools that had been used for many years. 

In that moment, James and Louise shared a vision of delivering this simple joy to people back home in the UK, and they returned home with a mission. They wanted to create a community of people who believed in better coffee for all, not just for a select few. They believed that truly great coffee should be crafted by hand without complexity, and that it could bring friends together and be an exciting experience in itself.

After returning to the UK, James and Louise combined their passion for coffee with their experience working in the retail sector and set about creating Barista&Co. Their first range of coffee-making tools and accessories – the Electric metals range – reached leading homeware retailers across the globe in 2014. This elegant range was a mix of premium materials and beautiful design, which laid the foundations of the ethos that products must perform with style. Since then, Barista&Co has continued to develop innovative coffee-making equipment that invites everyone to become their own barista.