Barista & Co team trying new coffee products and tasting fresh roasted single origin

Our Opening Thought

Why it started

Barista & Co was born from the belief that great coffee should be roasted fresh, ground fresh and brewed fresh. No nonsense just great coffee, the right coffee maker and friendly advice.

James Gray visiting Barista & Co Dorset roastery to watch coffee roasted fresh every week
James Gray | Founder
Just great coffee

The idea for Barista & Co came about when James was sat with his girlfriend, Louise sipping super sweet ca phe da coffee at a street coffee seller in Hanoi.

With a push from Louise, within 2 weeks of his return James had founded Barista & Co Coffee. His belief was that great coffee didn't need to be complicated. As a coffee lover (or you could say geek) with a background in wine and consumer goods James thought the coffee he loved should be made accessible so more people could enjoy a higher standard of coffee at home. He wanted to do to specialty coffee what the new world producers had done to wine over the last 20 years. Make things clear to customers and keep it simple, there was no place for coffee snobs, just friendly advice and exceptional coffee.


"I've never understood why people over complicate things or create exclusion. I just want our customers to enjoy exceptional coffee and always think of us with a smile on their face. We will never be coffee snobs."

Louise Gray | Co-Founder
Ethics Matter

Louise officially joined Barista & Co in 2014 but has been a driving force in the business from the day it was founded. Louise came from a retail buying and sourcing background developing her career in UK retailers such as Selfridges and Waitrose. She has always had a passion for ethical business and ensuring transparency in the supply chain and made the perfect partner to join James in the business.

In her own words she is a coffee lover not coffee geek. She represents most coffee drinkers and constantly challenges the business to deliver products and produce that are clear to customers, easy to use, affordable and deliver exceptional coffee. This has to be done while putting ethics at the heart of the business.

Louise Gray Founder Barista & Co


"We have to be ready to turn down products that don't match our personal beliefs and brand values. As a commercial entity we have to make money but it will never be at the expense of the people and planet around us."

Barista & Co bag of fresh roasted coffee on kitchen worktop with copper scoop measuring spoon

Where we are

The Journey Continues

Barista & Co can now be found in over 30 countries and in the UK customers can enjoy Barista & Co coffee at home, work and play. Our future is to keep doing what we do, we just want to tell more people about it and welcome them for a coffee.


Danny Kirkpatrick Barista & Co brand and design expert

Danny Kirkpatrick

If you ever spot Danny without board shorts and sandals send us a picture and you can have a bag of coffee on us. Danny joined Barista & Co on a product design placement in 2015, he knocked our socks off (and his) and stayed with us.

Sharon Gibson overseas coffee and hardware

Sharon Gibson

Sharon joined Barista & Co in 2014 and has been an integral part of the company growth taking charge of logistics into new regions and making sure we have stock to keep our customers happy. Ask her to say cocoa shaker.

Wai Chan tea lover and finance expert

Wai Chan

Wai is a tea drinker but we can let that slip as we have now converted her to our After Party decaf. She joined Barista & Co in 2017 and ensures that we don't spend too much money buying coffee and coffee machines. We still do.