Your Profitec GO!


Without a doubt, the best single boiler espresso machine for home use.


With Profitec GO, you can be the barista. A single boiler espresso machine that fits neatly into your kitchen, watch the video's below to see the unboxing and learn how to pull your first shot. Anyone for a flat white?

Profitec GO!

The Unboxing

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Eureka Mignon

Espresso Grinder

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Pulling Shots

Dialling In

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whole bean coffee and scoop measuring spoon
Whole Bean Coffee
Stays Fresh for Longer
It's true that you can buy coffee beans that were freshly roasted yesterday.
It's also true that some supermarket coffees include roast dates now.
But none of this matters if you aren't taking advantage of whole bean coffee.
Now that you've got your Profitec GO, create a delivery plan to save 10% on our whole bean coffee.
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