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Barista & Co are coming to the high street. The news is out. The paint is dry (almost). And the team are getting ready to move into our brand new coffee showroom at 31 Market Place, Ringwood.

As a Regular, you're entitled to extra benefits. Come and see us during opening week to get your free coffee!

We are pleased to see you here and we hope that you're loving your monthly fresh drop of coffee. If you would like to take advantage of any of our monthly Regulars offer please check your inbox for the discount codes. Until next month, stay caffeinated.

Regulars Exclusive
Claim Your Organic Cotton T-shirt

Snap a photo of your coffee, upload it to Instagram and tag @baristacouk. We'll send you out a Dial In organic cotton t-shirt completely free of charge!

Regulars Offer
Get 25% Off Milk Pitchers

We know you're a pro when it comes to making coffee at home. You've got your super fresh coffee and know exactly how you like to brew.

Our milk pitchers have been quality-approved by barista's and latte artists all over the world. Made from from high grade steel, and available in a range of colours, every milk jug is made by hand to achieve the perfect pour.

Seasonal Roast
Ethiopian Heirloom

We are big fans of floral coffees here at Barista & Co but sometimes the tea like profile of Ethiopian coffees isn't for everyone. This coffee is different.

We were very excited to bring in a new Seasonal Roast which has the perfect mix of peach and lemon that cuts through the creamy milk chocolate flavours. We are loving it as a cafetiere, filter and espresso. Try something new, add our Ethiopian Heirloom to your subscription today.

Tasting Notes

Hazelnut / Peach / Chocolate

This mellow coffee comes from a farmer called Genet Seifu. Her farm covers 100 hectares of forest in the woreda (region) of Limmu Kossa which is in the South West of Ethiopia. The farm has incredible biodiversity all of which adds to the wonderful complexity of this fruity coffee. In the harvesting season Genet employs up to 200 local people to pick and naturally process the coffee which is sundried on African beds.

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