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Espresso Bundle
The best home set up for espresso lovers.
A professional coffee grinder and Profitec GO.

Everything You'll Need:

Dedicated Espresso Grinder

The Eureka Specialita is our go to home espresso coffee grinder. This neat, compact electric grinder offers excellent grind consistency at the finest espresso grind.

Espresso Machine

The Profitec GO is the perfect espresso machine for home baristas. It's easy to get started and easy to advance onto more complicated espresso recipes.

Whole Bean Coffee

Grind fresh for the best coffee. Fresh coffee beans taste better, last longer and are better for the planet. Discover our whole bean coffee online today, subscribe to save 10%.

Milk Jug

If you're planning to make milky coffees like flat whites, cappuccinos or lattes you will need a professional milk frothing jug. The Barista Pro Pitcher is the perfect jug for beginners.

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Profitec GO espresso machine
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Profitec GO
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Profitec GO Espresso Machine

The Modern, Slimline Espresso Machine for Home

Regular price£769.00
Profitec GO is a single boiler espresso machine, perfect for home use. It's compact, slimline design is the perfect size for tight spaces and the four colour options have been hand-selected to pop in anyone's home. 
This machine has been designed to be quick. No one wants to wait around for their morning brew. The heating phase takes between 5 - 7 minutes from switching on. Once heated, you'll be able to pull shots of fresh espresso straight away.
The main benefits of the Profitec GO are it's size, ease of use and tons of accessories designed to make it easier for you to master the flat white, latte, cappuccino and mocha at home. It's neat and tidy, tucking away into any corner. Not that you'd want to hide it! The Profitec GO is an espresso machine you'll want on display.
The machine is equipped with a cup warmer, allowing you to warm your favourite mugs before you brew. Your Profitec GO will also come with a double shot portafilter, which you can use to make your favourite coffee-based drinks using either a double or single espresso.
This espresso coffee machine allows you to stay in control, showing you the coffee brewing time to the second. In order to pull the perfect shot of espresso, you are hoping to achieve an extraction time between 25 - 30 seconds. This can be affected by a number of factors including the grind size and quality of the beans you're using. Profitec GO makes this process as simple as possible for beginners with a time display by the second. Even professionals will be sure to take advantage of this feature.  
  • Black and Red - available now!
  • Yellow and Blue - Preorder now for May delivery

Specialita Espresso Grinder

Eureka Mignon

Regular price£399.95

Introducing the Eureka Mignon Specialita Coffee Grinder, a high-quality and reliable coffee grinder designed to elevate your coffee experience to the next level. This exceptional grinder is packed with advanced features, including a powerful 55mm burr set, stepless micrometric adjustment, and a digital display for precise and easy control over the grinding process.

The Eureka Mignon Specialita is engineered with durability and longevity in mind. The robust stainless-steel construction ensures that this grinder will stand the test of time, while the compact size and sleek design make it the perfect addition to any coffee lover's kitchen.

Whether you're a coffee connoisseur or a homebrew enthusiast, the Eureka Mignon Specialita Coffee Grinder delivers consistently exceptional results every time. With its precise and accurate grind settings, you can enjoy the perfect cup of coffee, espresso, or other specialty coffee drinks.

Experience the perfect blend of style, functionality, and performance with the Eureka Mignon Specialita Coffee Grinder. Elevate your coffee game today and take your coffee experience to the next level.

 You'll love this electric espresso grinder and all its features including:

  • High-quality 55mm burr set for consistent and precise grinding
  • Stepless micrometric adjustment for easy control over the grinding process
  • Digital display for displaying the selected grind setting
  • Compact size and sleek design that fits well in any kitchen
  • Powerful motor for efficient and fast grinding
  • 300g hopper with close off for removal
  • Durable stainless-steel construction that ensures longevity
  • Low retention design that prevents waste and ensures consistent coffee flavor
  • Easy to clean and maintain with a removable hopper and burr set

How to get the most out of your espresso grinder:

The Eureka Mignon Specialita Coffee Grinder is a versatile and powerful grinder that can help you achieve the perfect grind size for any coffee brewing method. With its stepless micrometric adjustment, you can easily customize the grind size to suit your preferences and brewing method.

For espresso lovers, a fine grind size resembling sugar or fine sand is recommended to achieve the perfect shot. The Eureka Mignon Specialita's precise grind settings make it easy to achieve a consistent and delicious espresso every time.

If you prefer pour-over brewing methods such as Chemex or Hario V60, a medium-fine grind size resembling table salt is recommended. This grind size allows for optimal extraction and a well-balanced cup of coffee.

French press coffee requires a coarser grind to prevent over-extraction and bitterness. The Eureka Mignon Specialita's ability to produce a coarse grind size resembling coarse sea salt makes it an excellent choice for French press brewing.

Drip coffee makers require a medium grind size resembling coarse sand or slightly finer to achieve a flavorful and well-extracted cup of coffee. The Eureka Mignon Specialita can easily produce this grind size for a perfect cup of drip coffee every time.

Experiment with different grind sizes to discover the perfect one for your preferred brewing method and taste preferences. The Eureka Mignon Specialita Coffee Grinder offers precision, versatility, and the ability to elevate your coffee experience to the next level.

Overall, the Eureka Mignon Specialita Coffee Grinder is a reliable and high-performing coffee grinder that offers precise and consistent results every time. Its advanced features, compact size, and durability make it an excellent choice for coffee enthusiasts who value quality, efficiency, and ease of use.

Dimensions. 35 (H) x 15 (D) x 13cm (W)

black electric specialita coffee grinder by Eureka
Sparkling white electric coffee grinder
Eureka specialita coffee grinder