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Coffee Tools

Coffee Pod Cage
Organise your coffee pods in style with Barista & Co's Coffee Pod Cage, the chic and practical solution to keep your favourite blends within easy reach.
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Scoop Measure Spoon
Elevate your coffee game with Barista & Co's Scoop Measure Spoon, the versatile tool that allows you to measure and scoop your coffee with ease and accuracy.
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For Cappuccino lovers
Core Cocoa Shaker
Sprinkle some magic into your day with Barista & Co's Core Cocoa Shaker, the perfect tool to enhance your favourite beverages and make them even more irresistible.
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An Elegant Touch
Cocoa Stencils
Transform your drinks into works of art with Barista & Co's Cocoa Stencils, the ultimate tool to impress your friends and elevate your home barista game.
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Keep it Fresh
Coffee Bag Clips
Keep your coffee fresh and flavourful for longer with our Coffee Bag Clips, the essential accessory for any coffee lover who wants to savour every sip.
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Glass Coffee Cups
Experience coffee like never before with Barista & Co's Glass Coffee Cups, the elegant and durable choice that lets you savour the aroma, flavour, and beauty of your favourite brew in all its glory.
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Double Ended
Coffee Measuring Spoon
Say goodbye to guessing and hello to perfectly measured coffee every time with Barista & Co's Stainless Steel Coffee Measuring Spoon, the must-have tool for any coffee connoisseur.
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Silicone Grip
Coffee Scoop
Ensure the perfect cup of coffee every time with Barista & Co's Coffee Scoop Measuring Spoon, the essential tool for precision and consistency in your brewing routine.
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