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Why Barista & Co?

Always Fresh

We roast to order and send to you directly from our roastery in recyclable bags that stay fresh for up to 3 months

Great Value

High grade specialty coffee from £0.25 per cup, free tracked shipping and savings of up to 50% on our award winning brewing kit


Four great coffees and no fancy language, just the information you need and friendly advice to help you choose the right one


We work directly with small family farms who share the same passion as us in producing excellent specialty coffee that is big on flavour

How It Works?

Pick letterbox friendly or best value

Two 350g bags through your letterbox or a kilo parcel of whole bean coffee

House Coffee or Monthly Guest

Customer favourite house coffees or mix it up every month for a surprise

Tell us when to deliver

Free tracked delivery, just tell us when you want your fresh delivery

Love us or leave

You are never tied in and you can pause, cancel or amend at anytime

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Our 100% Single Origin Specialty Coffee

Why a lighter roast?

Our Arabica coffees are roasted slightly lighter as we use a higher grade of specialty coffee. Traditionally lower grade supermarket commodity coffees have been roasted darker to hide the nasty flavours of the poor quality coffee. As our coffees are full of natural flavour we want them to shine without any burnt notes. You get all the flavours you love and a whole lot more.

Thousand Rhythms

House Darker Roast

350g - £11.99 1kg - £27.99

A single origin organic Colombian superstar roasted darker for the perfect espresso but equally as happy as a velvety filter.

Darker Roast.

Country. Colombia

Taste. Milk Chocolate / Vanilla / Caramel

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Colombia is synonymous with superb coffee and this low acidity organic Colombian single origin does not break rank. The perfect coffee for espresso as well as for those who like their filter coffee dark and creamy. Chocolate and vanilla, oh yeah it's good!

We are proud to support an indigenous community of 7th generation small family farmers who not only grow incredible coffee but put equality and community first. A very special place on the edge of the Colombian rainforest. Back

Tribal Beat

House Lighter Roast

350g - £11.99 1kg - £27.99

African single origin specialty coffee at its' best. An incredible coffee for filter or for something different as an espresso.

Lighter Roast.

Country. Uganda

Taste. Dark Chocolate / Blackberry / Sweet Cherry

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A real punch of berry fruit followed by dark chocolate. It is a very complex coffee and one to be savoured straight up as a filter coffee. The chocolate notes can also mix perfectly with creamy milk making a black forest gateau smacking crowd pleaser.

Our friends in Uganda standout as they are producing micro lot coffees of exceptional quality while promoting gender equality and ethical trading. They have brought modern growing methods to the region and helped their community to thrive. Back

After Party

House Decaf Roast

350g - £12.99 1kg - £29.99

The same awesome single origin organic Colombian coffee as our house favourite Thousand Rhythms, all the flavour, none of the caffeine.

Darker Roast.

Country. Colombia

Taste. Milk Chocolate / Vanilla / Caramel

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Made using a natural decaffeination process our house decaf coffee retains the incredible flavour of chocolate mixed with vanilla. It is roasted to suit espresso and filter brewing with the low acidity giving a creamy taste when it is time to dial down the caffeine. And relax.

This coffee comes from an indigenous community of northern Colombian coffee farmers who have been pioneering specialty coffee for over seven generations. Coffee, community and the planet is at the heart of everything they do. We like that. Back

A Different Direct Way

By cutting out the middlemen we can pay our farmers up to 4 times more than supermarket commodity coffees while still offering you value for money.

Ethical and Sustainable from Soil to Sip

We take time to choose our coffee farms not only based on the quality of coffee but also the positive impact we can have on their communities. With our coffee subscription service, we are proud to support nearly 500 indigenous families making incredible organic coffee in Colombia.

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Through our Buy a Coffee, Give a Coffee initiative we are proud to be members of 1% for the Planet and support Project Waterfall. With every sip you know you are giving back to provide clean water and sanitation in communities that need it most.

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