Twist Press FAQs

What coffee grind size should I use? One of the main benefits of this coffee maker is its versatility. Much like a pour over, you are free to experiment with different grind sizes, brew times and extraction techniques until you find the coffee you love. At Barista & Co, we tend to use a filter grind size, coarser than espresso but finer than pour over or cafetiere ground coffee. Looking to try something new? Our discovery pack features 3x 250g of filter ground coffee from all over the world.  

Do you sell spare parts for the Twist Press? Yes, the Twist Press is one of our most popular brewers and we want to ensure yours stands the test of time. Visit our Twist Press spare parts section to find replacement:

  • upper handles
  • lower handles
  • helix chambers
  • paper filters
  • stainless steel reusable filters

Is my Twist Press covered by warranty? We offer a standard 1 year warranty on the Twist Press coffee maker. Please refer to our guarantee information for more details.

Is this coffee maker good for camping? The lightweight and compact design make the Twist Press an excellent camping companion. There's also a storage compartment built into the lid for you to bring spare filters, extra ground coffee or sweeteners with you on the go.

Are filters included with the coffee maker? Yes, we include 100 paper filters with every Twist Press coffee maker. We also sell paper filter refill packs of 300 or stainless steel reusable filters if you'd prefer a heavier bodied coffee.

Will these filters fit an Aeropress? Our paper filters and our stainless steel Twist Press filter are a standard size and will work with other coffee makers such as the Aeropress.