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Fresh Honest Coffee

For Home, Work and Play

At Barista & Co

We believe coffee should be roasted fresh, ground fresh and brewed fresh

Keeping in the Flavour
Roast Fresh

Did you know that even the best supermarket coffees sit on shelf for many months? As a Regular we guarantee that your single origin specialty coffee will be roasted and posted within 48 hours.

If you buy from one of our local partners you can also rest assured our fresh guarantee stands and they always get a fresh drop.

Letting the Flavour Out
Grind Fresh

Our Core All Grind means our customers can enjoy grinding whole bean coffee at home at the touch of a button. If you do want us to grind fresh for you we can ship in two naturally flushed resealable valved bags keeping one fresh while you enjoy the other.

Find Your Coffee
Brew Fresh

There can be no doubt fresh coffee wins hands down. We have developed a range of affordable and easy to use coffee makers based on our brew guide that matches your coffee preference to a coffee maker. All backed up with friendly advice and brewing guides.

Professional coffee maker milk pitcher by Barista & Co

All things coffee

Beyond the Brew

Maybe you want to be the next Master of Milk, find the perfect gift or add some finer details to your coffee set up. We have you covered. All designed and developed ground up by our team of coffee lovers.

Why do we do it?

To create great coffee and good times for our customers and community by working honestly, ethically and sustainably with our farmers and factories.

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