We’re a UK born and bred coffee accessory brand, based on the South Coast of England. Headed up by husband and wife team James and Louise Gray, we have a vision to create a community of people who believe in better coffee for all. Our location between the forest and the sea sums up our beliefs about what coffee should be; natural, authentic and full of life. We’ve seen how great coffee can bring people together, and we want to recreate this through our products.

Barista&Co is about having passion for coffee and taking pride in making the finest products. We are here for those who share our passion and want to craft outstanding coffee in the comfort of their own homes. Our strongest belief is that great coffee doesn't need to be exclusive, secretive or complex, but should be for all. There’s no private members club here, only a community of people who love coffee and want to share the experience of crafting it.  

We take our inspiration from you, and we’re constantly striving to give you the best coffee experience. Whether you prefer to enjoy yours alone or surrounded by friends, we want to you to use our products to create a moment that really means something to you. We aim to take our sense of passion and adventure and infuse it into every sip you take. That’s why we’re dedicated to reinventing the coffee experience to suit your lifestyle. We even have products that can be used on the go or outdoors, so you can enjoy truly superb coffee whenever the mood strikes you.  

Our journey has just begun, so come along for the ride.