Machu Pitched Peruvian Blend Espresso Coffee - 1kg
Machu Pitched Peruvian Blend Espresso Coffee - 1kg

Machu Pitched Peruvian Blend Espresso Coffee - 1kg


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Country: Peru
Tasting Notes: Sweet Chocolate / Cherry Fruit / Almond
Process: Washed / Natural
Roast: Medium Roast
Brew Type: Espresso + Filter
Fruit, nut and chocolate, it has to be the nations favourite. By bringing together 'Natural' and 'Washed' hand processed coffees post roasting it is possible to achieve a coffee profile they couldn't on their own. We sway this coffee more towards espresso but our medium roasting style means it is also at home with filter coffee brewing. The natural elements bring the fruit forward and the washed brings complexity. They perform perfectly together back to back.
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Varietals: Caturra / Catimor / Typica / Pache
Region: Valle Santa Cruz, Rio Tambo

Technically this is a single origin blend as it brings together two different coffees from the same cooperative.

'El Rio Tambo' is a small section of river, running through a valley on the eastern slopes of the Andes in Central Peru. Bordering this river, at elevations of between 1500-1800m above sea level, a cooperative called 'Valle Santa Cruz' - 136 coffee producers including 31 women - grow organic coffee on small farms averaging 3 hectares.

Producers in the cooperative grow organic coffee without any artificial chemical inputs. The farm is fed with natural, organic fertilisers such as 'Guano' and volcanic rock minerals. The farms are sheltered by native trees which are home to a wide variety of tropical birds, and the coffee is grown amongst other fruit trees such as guaba, mandarin and pineapple.

The cooperative work together to ensure that between the many rural producers, they have direct access to the export markets and are able to demand a fair and sustainable fee for their coffee. This in turn helps with inward investment in processing, education and infrastructure, so that coffee production can continue to be a viable and of a high standard.