Moccamaster KBG Select

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For over 35 years, Moccamaster have been producing their unique and quirky drip coffee machines by hand in the Netherlands. Today, recognised for it's iconic design, the Moccamaster KBG Select is the perfect filter coffee maker for your home or small office.

Key Features

The KBG Select offers a unique 2-phase heating element, ensuring you get the perfect cup of coffee whether you're making a half a jug or a full one. Using the Smart Selection switch, choose between a full jug (6 minutes to make 10 cups of coffee) or a half-full juge (30-50 seconds to make 4 - 6 cups).

Thanks to the intelligent hot plate, your freshly made filter coffee will be kept at the perfect temperature. Your Moccamaster KBG Select filter coffee machine will automatically turn itself off after 40 minutes. The removable glass jug is easy to clean, just wipe away the coffee residue and you're ready to brew a fresh pot.

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