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Dark Nights is a classic full-bodied deep and dark roasted caramel coffee that has a low acidity making it perfect for those who enjoy coffee with milk or straight up and velvety.

Country. Indonesia
Tasting Notes. Caramel / Lemon / Bay Leaf
Process. Wet Hulled
Roast. Darker
Brew Type. Filter + Espresso
Varietal. Catimor / Typica
Region. Java
Altitude. 1200-1500m
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Java and coffee go hand in hand and the Indonesia island has been growing coffee since it was introduced by the Dutch in 1696. Unfortunately the first seedings on the island were destroyed in flooding but they did not give up and by the early 1700's Java was sending their coffee to Europe on the Dutch East India ships where it became very popular and the word 'Java' became synonymous with coffee.

One of the defining characteristics of Indonesia coffee is the earthy and citrus flavours that come from the wet hulling process. This process is used due to the humid environment that is prone to heavy rain showers during the harvest season which makes drying the coffee very difficult. With wet hulling the inner seed is removed from its' parchment layer at a higher humidity level (around 20% rather than the typical 13%) which reduces the required drying time. This means that the smaller farms without large drying infrastructure are still able to produce excellent coffee. This is the coffee that we buy.

This is a deep and luxurious coffee that as well as having the classic earthy tones also powers through with a bracing citrus hit. Great for those who like it deep down and dark.