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This is insane, a Geisha coffee at our standard monthly guest price! If you haven't had the pleasure of  trying a Geisha coffee before, this is your chance. We have very limited supply of this one. Not for espresso based milk drinks, we suggest black filter.

Country. Peru

Tasting Notes. Rose / Peach / Chocolate

Process. Natural

Roast. Light

Brew Type. Filter

Varietal. Geisha

Region. Satipo, Junin

Altitude. 1700m


Geisha (or Gesha) coffee can cost up to £80 per cup. This Peruvian Geisha is similar to Panama Geisha at a fraction of the cost. Geisha is one of the rarest coffee varietals in the world due to the fact that it requires unique cultivating conditions to grow. This combined with the exceptional flowery and fruit like flavour means that demand far outstrips supply, leading to the hefty price tag. It has become the coffee of choice for baristas and has now been the winning coffee in various World Barista Championships.


Geisha has its' origins in Gori Gesha forest in Ethiopia and its' name has nothing to do with Japanese women entertainers although due to mixed communications over the years it has now taken that name. From Ethiopia it was taken to Costa Rica in the 1950's and shortly after this it made its' way to Panama where it has gained a thoroughbred reputation.


This natural Geisha comes from producer Victor Human Cusi who worked with tropical agriculture academics to improve the processing of his natural coffees. This involved ensuring uniform ripeness and checking each cherry for defects. The result was a exceptional high-scoring coffee (88 points).  


As well as the floral notes of this coffee we also got hints of lemongrass, sweetness and great complexity. We are very pleased to offer such a beautiful coffee for our July 21 monthly guest.