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We are big fans of floral coffees here at Barista & Co but sometimes the tea like profile of Ethiopian coffees isn't for everyone. This coffee is different.

We were very excited to bring in this coffee which has the perfect mix of peach and lemon that cuts through the creamy milk chocolate flavours. We are loving it as a cafetiere, filter and espresso. 


Country. Ethiopia 

Taste. Hazelnut / Peach / Chocolate 

Process. Natural 

Roast. Lighter 

Brew Type. Filter then Espresso 

Varietal. Heirloom 

Region. Oromia 

Altitude. 1800-2000 

This mellow coffee comes from a farmer called Genet Seifu. Her farm covers 100 hectares of forest in the woreda (region) of Limmu Kossa which is in the South West of Ethiopia. The farm has incredible biodiversity all of which adds to the wonderful complexity of this fruity coffee. In the harvesting season Genet employs up to 200 local people to pick and naturally process the coffee which is sundried on African beds.  



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