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Shorty Milk Pitcher

Handle Free Milk Pitcher

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The Shorty Milk Jug has a unique handle-less design to improve control and precision when pouring.

Taking reference from professional baristas, we left a small part of the metal exposed at the bottom to touch test the heat of the milk and made the spout wide enough to balance a steam wand.

To make the perfect latte or flat white, the micro-foam (that’s frothed milk) needs to be just right and the Shorty is the go-to tool. A versatile product that is happy in a busy coffee shop or as a stand out piece in a home kitchen.

Dimensions - 9.9cm (Diam) x 13cm (H)

    The Shorty Milk Pitcher is made of 18/8 stainless steel that can be widely recycled. 
    The silicone band can also be recycle however it must be removed from the metal handle for recycling
    As part of our Repair & Recycle initiative we take this product back for recycling and offer a 10% discount on your next order to cover the shipping cost back to us.

    Can I remove the silicone for cleaning?

    Yes it is possible to remove the silicone for cleaning. The silicone is designed to sit in the recease on the milk pitcher to prevent any slippage when in use. This does mean you have to take care when removing the silicone and we suggest putting some soapy water between the silcione and metal to remove it.

    Do you offer a smaller size?

    At this moment in time we do not offer a smaller version as the Shorty Milk Pitcher was designed to be a larger pitcher to use with a small pitcher when pulse pouring. We will have a smaller verison available in 2021.

    Can I put the Shorty Pitcher directly on a hob?

    No, all our our milk pitchers are designed to be used with a steam wand or for serving milk, they are not designed to go on a direct heat source.