FAQ - Milk Frother Refil

Do you still sell the Barista & Co Milk Frother?

Unfortunately we have discontinued the milk frother, but the replacement glass beakers are available for anyone that needs one.

Are you looking to develop a new milk frother?

Currently, we are developing a new range of professional milk pitchers and coffee makers to help you brew delicious coffee at home. Never say never, but we're not looking at milk frothers right now.

How does the milk frother work?

It's extremely simple and easy to use. Add your milk to the max fill line and use the plunger in a quick motion to aerate the milk. You'll see the milk increase in volume as it becomes more textured. If you want to froth hot milk, remove the beaker from it's holder and place in the microwave for 30 - 60 seconds before you start frothing.