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Coffee Tastes Better With Barista & Co

Brew your perfect strength and flavour coffee at home with our innovative coffee makers.

It's been 10 years, but we're still making specialty coffee accessible to everyone. Our straightforward strength scale makes it easy to find the right coffee maker for you. We've even developed this quiz if you're still unsure.


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Best Ethical Coffee Brand

"They don’t just sell the beans but also all the tech to go with making great coffee at home"

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Experts at Great Coffee

"Creating the perfect cup of coffee is easier than you think – all that matters are the right ingredients, equipment and technique."

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Slim, Good-Looking and Easy-to-Operate

"This slim and attractive electric burr grinder has an impressive 40 grind settings and produces a consistent grind for both basic espresso and filter coffee"

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A New Experience in Coffee

"A unique space enabling customers to learn about coffee, products and what it takes to make their perfect coffee at home."

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Best Coffee Grinders

"A grinder designed by coffee lovers and for coffee lovers, it brings together all of the necessary familiar features with a few added extras to make life just that tiny bit simpler."

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Best Home Coffee Grinders

"Unbeatable coffee grinding, above all else, but it's also a real looker and great for those who love a modern look."

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