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Strong coffee just got stronger. While many of us still believe that the beans give your coffee the caffeine kick, it's hard to get our heads around the fact that the coffee maker is responsible for making your coffee strong. That's where the Strong Brew comes in. Meet the strongest coffee maker on Barista & Co's strength scale and fall back in love with coffee today.

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Our Brew Guide makes it easy to find the coffee maker that brews the type of coffee you enjoy at home.

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Frequently Asked Questions about our Coffee Makers | Strength 3

Welcome to the world of coffee exploration, where we debunk the myth that some coffee makers make better coffee than others. Coffee is a deeply personal experience, and there's no one-size-fits-all "best" coffee maker. Our strength scale is your guide, helping you discover the brewer that aligns with your unique taste preferences. It's not about chasing a universal standard; it's about embracing variety and finding the perfect match for your coffee journey. From the belief that brewing coffee longer makes it stronger, we bust that myth too. Instead, we encourage you to explore methods like Strong Brew, combining pressurized and immersion brewing for a robust kick without compromising flavor. It's not about time; it's about choosing the right brewing method for that perfect cup.

Now, if you're wondering about the magic behind a filter coffee maker, we've got you covered. These brewers, employing manual styles like immersion or gravity, use filters—either paper or metal—to separate coffee grounds from water. Before diving in, ensure you have the right coffee. Whether you grind fresh beans for an enhanced home setup or opt for pre-ground, our guide suggests medium-coarse coffee, compatible with a range of coffee makers. Elevate your coffee routine by choosing the right grind and brewing approach, unlocking the door to a delightful home-brewed cup.

Absolutely not! The idea that some coffee makers make better coffee is a myth, and we're here to debunk it. Coffee is a deeply personal experience, and what matters most is what you enjoy. There's no universal standard for the "best" coffee maker. That's why our strength scale is here—to guide you in finding the coffee maker that brews the kind of coffee you love right at home. It's all about your taste preferences, so embrace the variety and find the perfect match for your coffee journey!

Contrary to popular belief, brewing coffee for a longer time doesn't necessarily make it stronger. In fact, it can lead to overextraction and a bitter taste. If you're after a stronger cup, opt for methods like Strong Brew. This technique combines pressurized and immersion brewing, effectively enhancing the caffeine concentration in your cup without compromising the flavour. It's not about time but about the brewing method—choose wisely for that perfect robust kick in your coffee!

Your choice depends on what aspect of strength you're seeking. If it's higher caffeine content, often associated with "strength" in barista terms, consider light roasts as they retain more caffeine during the roasting process. Additionally, Robusta beans generally contain more caffeine than Arabica, so blends featuring Robusta can provide an extra kick.

On the other hand, if you're aiming for a bold flavour profile, go for dark roasts or espresso blends. These are roasted longer, imparting a rich and intense taste to the coffee.

In summary, whether it's a caffeine boost or bold flavour, understanding the roast level and bean types will guide you to your ideal strong cup of coffee.

The filter coffee maker, employing manual brewing styles like immersion or gravity, gets its name from the use of filters—either paper or metal—to separate coffee grounds from water. A well-known model is the cafetière, equipped with a metal filter plunger to achieve this separation. Prior to getting a filter coffee maker, make sure you have the right coffee.
While pre-ground coffee is easily accessible in supermarkets, grinding fresh beans is a recommended step for an improved home setup. Upgrade to an electric burr coffee grinder to have more control over grind size, aligning it with your specific filter coffee maker.
If going for pre-ground, choose medium-coarse coffee, compatible with a variety of coffee makers in our range. Enhance your coffee routine by selecting the perfect grind and brewing approach for a delightful home-brewed cup.