Filter Coffee Makers

Strength 2

The Barista & Co Strength Scale makes it easier to find the right coffee maker for you. Our Strength 2 coffee makers sit in the middle, creating coffee that's full of flavour and aroma with just the right amount of caffeine kick.

strength level 2 coffee makers

What is the Strength scale?

51% of people are using the wrong coffee maker to make the type of coffee they enjoy.

At Barista & Co, we've always been working towards the same goal - to get a better tasting cup of coffee in your hands. But coffee is personal, so your coffee maker should be too.

Our innovative Strength Scale makes it easier for you to find the coffee maker that makes the type of coffee you enjoy at home or at work.

Looking for something different?

Strength 1 Coffee Makers

Our mildest coffee makers are great for people that love the taste of fresh coffee, but are conscious of how much caffeine they consume throughout the day.

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Strength 3 Coffee Makers

Our strongest filter coffee makers, combining pressurised and immersion brewing to extract up to 257mg of caffeine per cup.

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