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51% of people are using the wrong coffee maker to make their preferred style of coffee at home.

Why? Because most of us don't know that the coffee maker has more effect of the strength and flavour of your coffee than the beans do. Our Strength Scale is going to change that.

Start by telling us how strong you like your coffee, we'll do the rest.

Our mildest coffee makers and infusers, designed in the UK to be quick and convenient. Best for people that enjoy coffee, but are conscious of the amount of caffeine they consume.

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Our most popular filter coffee makers, brewing a medium strength cup of coffee at home or work. Best for people that enjoy traditional, velvety coffee with an average amount of caffeine per cup.

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Our Strength 3 coffee makers use patented technology to combine pressurised and immersion brewing. This helps them extract more caffeine from the coffee you enjoy, with up to 257mg per cup.

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Whole bean coffee tastes better, lasts longer and is better for the planet. The Core All Grind Plus is an entry-level electric coffee grinder, designed for foodies looking to upgrade their coffee ritual.
Electric coffee grinder

Core All Grind Plus

With 50 grind settings and an upgraded bellow lid, you'll never go back to preground coffee.
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Coffee tastes better with Barista & Co

By asking questions and drinking a lot of coffee, we've been able to develop 5 iconic coffee makers that sit along a strength scale.