Coffee tastes better with Barista & Co

Brew your perfect strength and flavour coffee at home with our innovative coffee makers.

An easy-to-clean, portable choice, these coffee gadgets are a great pick.

Barista & Co deliver flavour in spades.

Designed by coffee lovers and for coffee lovers.

Strength Guide

We created our Strength Guide to help you brew the type of coffee you enjoy most. The colour scale represents the strength of the coffee maker, from our low-caffeine brewers (Strength 1) to our strongest coffee makers (Strength 3).

Strength 1

Whether you're trying to reduce your caffeine consumption, or you just prefer a milder brew, our low strength coffee makers make it easy.

Strength 2

Our best-selling coffee makers, sitting right in the middle of our strength scale. Nothing says perfect Sunday morning like a traditional coffee press.

Strength 3

Our strongest coffee makers, defying the laws of physics with maximum caffeine extraction for a clean cup of strong coffee.

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For Coffee Lovers, by Coffee Lovers

Coffee tastes better with Barista & Co

By asking questions and drinking a lot of coffee, we've been able to develop 5 iconic coffee makers that sit along a strength scale.


Strength Scale

How do you like yours? Our Strength Scale makes it easy to find the right coffee maker for you.

Core All Grind Plus

Preorders are now open for the upgraded electric burr coffee grinder from Barista & Co.

Strong Brew

Up to 257mg of caffeine per cup. Try it today and benefit from our 14-day No Quibble guarantee.

Find the One

To make it easier, we've created a 60-second assessment to help you find the brewer than makes the type of coffee you enjoy at home.

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