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Why Whole Bean?

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Tastes Better

Coffee beans have a natural protective shell that locks in the flavours and aromas for an all-round better brew.

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Lasts Longer

Whole bean coffee lasts up to 12 weeks which is 10X longer than the preground coffee you get in supermarkets.

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Better for the planet

Bigger bags of whole bean coffee means fewer deliveries for you, fewer processes overall and less carbon pollution.

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We start by asking what type of coffee you enjoy. Choose your flavours and we'll recommend a roast.
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Barista’s collection celebrated the simple things in life to make sure coffee fans everywhere can enjoy their favourite blend wherever they are.

Products designed by coffee lovers and for coffee lovers, Barista & Co bring together all of the necessary familiar features with a few added extras to make life just that tiny bit simpler.

A company focused on connecting people and supporting the communities who grow and cultivate coffee.

Sleek, stylish and sturdy. we love Barista & Co's cafetiere.

Fresh Whole Bean Coffee

Roasted Not Processed

We roast our coffee beans in small batches every week, ensuring the quality, taste and aroma is there. Most importantly, we'd never jeopardise your coffee by processing the beans anymore than they should be. Discover the benefits of whole bean coffee today.

Discover Whole Bean

We Are The Whole Bean Coffee People.

Barista & Co are the first UK coffee roaster dedicated to whole bean. Why? Because all we care about is getting a better cup of coffee in your hands. Discover the benefits of whole bean coffee today.

Why Whole Bean?

Lasts Longer.

Why Whole bean?

Tastes Better.

Why WHole Bean?


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Ethically-sourced coffee

Coffee Doing It Right

We are proud to be part of the 1% for the Planet family and partner with Project Waterfall to provide clean drinking water and sanitation in coffee growing regions. You're donating every time you buy, it means a lot. 

We only work with community-driven farms to offer exceptional, high quality coffee that benefits the environment it was grown in. By working with farmers that we know by name directly, paying 4x more than Fair Trade and supporting communities worldwide we've ensured our ethically-sourced coffee beans are doing good.

As members of 1% for the Planet and Project Waterfall, we're constantly looking at ways Barista & Co can reduce the negative impact we have on our environment. We ofset the carbon across our delivery and manufacturing processes, offer spare parts for all of our coffee makers to avoid them going to landfil and our coffee comes in 100% recyclable packaging.