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After Party

Decaf Coffee Beans

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Grown in El Salvador and naturally-decaffeinated using the CO2 method, After Party will change the way you think about decaf coffee. The deep chocolate and orange tasting notes are morish and refreshing, and the nutty aftertaste make this the perfect after dinner treat.


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We roast coffee weekly so it always arrives fresh to your door. When you order coffee beans online we'll send it straight off to the roastery to be roasted in the next batch - this will be the following Monday.

Are you seeking a decaf coffee that doesn't compromise on flavour? Look no further than After Party. Our coffee is naturally decaffeinated coffee using the CO2 method. This helps ensure that you enjoy every sip without sacrificing taste. Learn more about the CO2 decaffeination process here.

Hand-picked in the Santa Ana department of El Salvador, our coffee beans thrive in the fertile soils at approximately 1100m above sea level, nurtured by the volcanic essence of the Illmatic volcano's foothills. This single origin decaf coffee boasts a robust flavour profile that captivates the senses.

We're committed to delivering excellence in every cup. To do that, we've used Pacas and bourbon beans, carefully washed for a cleaner, more refined taste. The CO2 decaffeination process avoids the use of solvents, allowing us to lock in the true essence of this specialty coffee. Trust me, we've tested a lot of decaffeinated coffees over the years. It's taken a while, but this is the best decaf coffee.

Treat your taste buds to the delightful symphony of flavours found within After Party Decaf Coffee. Indulge in the harmonious blend of chocolate, hazelnut, and zesty orange notes. This darker espresso roast is perfect for those who enjoy a touch of milk in their coffee or prefer brewing with an espresso machine. Each sip is a sensory delight, a moment of pure indulgence.

At Barista & Co, we go beyond providing exceptional coffee. We foster direct relationships with our farmers, supporting small community-driven farms worldwide. By paying them up to 4 times more than mass-market retailers and more than the fair trade standards, we ensure their dedication is rewarded and their communities thrive.

As members of 1% for the Planet, we are dedicated to environmental preservation. With every purchase, you contribute to our commitment to eco charities. Our coffee bags are 100% recyclable, and we offset the carbon emissions of each delivery, reducing our impact on the planet.

Make After Party decaf coffee a staple in your home or office. Choose from 350g or 1kg bags, and opt for whole beans for the freshest taste. Ground decaf coffee is also available for convenience - perfect for your cafetiere or filter brewer. With our easy online ordering, you can experience the rich, nutty flavours and enticing aromas of this exceptional decaf coffee from the comfort of your own home.

Our preground filter coffee can be used straight away and is compatible with the One Brew, cafetiere's, filter brewers such as the Brew It Stick and Aeropress. Follow the instructions on your coffee maker to make a delicious brew at home, work or on the go.

We always recommend whole bean coffee for the best tasting cup. If you choose whole bean, you will need to grind your coffee before you can brew it. Some coffee makers have integrated grinders, but in most cases you will need to invest in order to make great tasting coffee.

The Core All Grind Plus offers 50 grind settings from fine to coarse, allowing you to grind your coffee beans for every type of brewer. Below are our grind size recommendations and settings for the Core All Grind Plus so you can experiment with different styles of coffee.

Grind Size Setting Recommendations:

Cold Brew Cafetiere Filter Moka Espresso
cold brew grind size cafetiere grind size filter grind size moka pot grind size espresso grind size
Grind Size Coarse Medium Coarse Medium Medium Fine Fine
Grind Setting 50-44 44-34 34-15 15-7 7-1

What is decaf coffee?

Decaf coffee is coffee that has undergone a process to remove most of the caffeine content, resulting in a beverage with significantly lower levels of caffeine than regular coffee.

How is decaf coffee made?

Decaf coffee is typically made through various decaffeination methods, such as the CO2 method, solvent-based methods, or Swiss Water Process. Each method aims to extract caffeine from the coffee beans while preserving flavour.

Is there any caffeine in decaf coffee?

While decaf coffee is not completely caffeine-free, it contains significantly less caffeine compared to regular coffee. The exact amount can vary, but generally, decaf coffee contains about 97% less caffeine than regular coffee.

How does decaffeination affect the flavour of coffee?

Decaffeination can impact the flavour of coffee to some extent. However, modern decaffeination methods, like the CO2 method, are designed to minimize flavour loss, allowing decaf coffee to retain much of its original taste and aroma.

What is the difference between regular coffee and decaf coffee?

The primary difference lies in the caffeine content. Regular coffee contains caffeine, which can provide a stimulating effect, while decaf coffee has significantly less caffeine, making it a suitable option for those who want to limit their caffeine intake.

Is decaf coffee healthier than regular coffee?

Decaf coffee can be a healthier choice for individuals who are sensitive to caffeine or need to restrict their caffeine intake due to certain health conditions. It still contains antioxidants and other beneficial compounds found in regular coffee.

Where are the After Party decaf coffee beans grown?

After Party decaf coffee beans are hand-picked in the Santa Ana department of El Salvador, a region known for its rich volcanic soils and ideal coffee-growing conditions.

What makes the coffee beans from El Salvador special?

The coffee beans from El Salvador, specifically the Santa Ana region, benefit from the fertile volcanic soils and high-altitude conditions. These factors contribute to the unique flavour profile, characterized by robust and well-rounded taste notes.

Are the After Party decaf coffee beans organic?

While After Party decaf coffee beans are not explicitly mentioned as organic, Barista & Co works with small community-driven farms worldwide and maintains direct relationships with farmers to ensure sustainable sourcing practices.

What altitude are the After Party decaf coffee beans grown at?

The After Party decaf coffee beans are grown at an altitude of approximately 1100 meters above sea level. The higher altitude provides favourable conditions for the development of nuanced flavours in the coffee beans.

What roast level is the After Party decaf coffee?

After Party decaf coffee is roasted to a darker espresso roast level. This roast profile enhances the richness and body of the coffee, making it suitable for those who prefer a bolder flavour or enjoy milk-based coffee beverages.

Can I brew After Party decaf coffee using an espresso machine?

Absolutely! After Party decaf coffee is specifically designed to be brewed using an espresso machine, allowing you to enjoy a flavourful and satisfying espresso shot or create delicious espresso-based beverages.

What brewing methods are recommended for After Party decaf coffee?

After Party decaf coffee can be brewed using various methods, including espresso machines, filter brewing methods like pour-over or drip, French press, and cold brew. Experiment and find the brewing method that best suits your taste preferences.

Can I use After Party decaf coffee in a French press?

Yes, After Party decaf coffee is suitable for brewing in a French press. The rich flavours and aromas of the coffee will be beautifully extracted, resulting in a full-bodied and satisfying cup of decaf coffee.

Is After Party decaf coffee suitable for cold brew?

Absolutely! After Party decaf coffee can be used to make delicious cold brew coffee. The lower acidity and rich flavour profile make it a great choice for a smooth and refreshing cold brew experience.

How long does After Party decaf coffee stay fresh after roasting?

After Party decaf coffee stays fresh for an optimal period of time, typically around 10-12 weeks after roasting if you buy whole bean. It is recommended to consume the coffee within this period to enjoy its peak flavours and aromas.

Are the After Party decaf coffee bags recyclable?

Yes, the coffee bags used for After Party decaf coffee are 100% recyclable. Barista & Co prioritizes sustainability and ensures that the packaging aligns with eco-friendly practices.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 19 reviews
    Great Decaf

    My wife can only drink Decaf coffee and my bean to cup coffee machine as most, can only hold one bean at a time.

    Finding good decaf coffee beans was not easy so most of the time she could only have instant while I had ground beans.

    After finding Barista & Co and your After Party Beans we took a chance and love the taste. So now we can both enjoy quality coffee 👌

    Thank you for your kind review Richard. We are chuffed to hear you are both now enjoying the coffee. Thanks again .


    Great value and taste


    Brilliant decaff again, best I've found!


    Superb taste. I can’t tell the difference between this and caffeinated


    Got depth of flavour of a caffeinated coffee and now that I have the grind level and time right it works a treat with my espresso machine.

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