Spares, Coffee Filters & Cleaning

When it comes to brewing equipment, we've designed a range of coffee makers with the planet in mind. That's why we offer spare parts for all of the brewers in our collection.

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Frequently Asked Questions about our Spares, Coffee Filters & Cleaning

We understand that accidents happen and we're on hand to help when they do. Whether it's your glass beaker smashing or the silicone seal on your Strong Brew wearing, we've got spare parts that we can get to you immediately. Take a look at the collection above to find your spare, or send us an email at if you need further help.

Depending on use, we'd recommend backflushing your espresso machine at least once a week. For instruction on how to do this, please refer to the espresso machine cleaning powder product page.

Not at all, all of the brewers in our collection have been designed to be easy to use and easy to clean. Simply rinse them with hot water and soap or use the dishwasher if your brewer is marked as dishwasher safe.

Ideally, you'd change the filter every 6 - 12 months on your cafetiere. However you may want to do this more frequently if you are noticing more coffee grounds than usual getting into your cup. You can also double up the metal filter to create a further barrier.