Milk Pitchers for Baristas

Our barista-approved milk pitchers are meticulously engineered for precision and functionality. Elevate your coffee craft with these professional-grade pitchers, designed for optimal frothing and pouring control. Enhance your barista toolkit and become the master of milk. Shop now for the pinnacle of technical expertise in milk frothing.

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Frequently Asked Questions about our Milk Pitchers for Baristas

Step into the world of precision and choice with our professional milk pitchers for baristas. Recognising the pivotal role pitcher size plays in coffee crafting, we designed milk jugs for both individual enthusiasts and bustling coffee shops.
Our range includes the Dial In, Core, and Barista Pro Pitchers, where gauge, weight, and spout design cater to diverse preferences. Check out these frequently asked questions below to help you choose the ideal companion for your latte art journey.

The ideal size of a milk pitcher depends on the type of drinks you commonly prepare and how busy your coffee shop is. In an ideal world, you will froth your milk to serve, never making more than two drinks at a time. We know that that's not always possible during a rush! That's why we make large milk pitchers so you can serve multiple drinks at once.

Here are general recommendations:

400ml-420ml Pitcher: Perfect for crafting single servings of cappuccinos, flat whites or small lattes. The compact size ensures efficient frothing for a balanced drink.

600ml-620ml Pitcher: Ideally suited for larger lattes or when making two servings simultaneously. This size strikes a balance between versatility and efficiency.

1L+ Pitcher: Best for larger batches of steamed milk, making it suitable for multiple servings or preparing bigger specialty drinks. This larger size is great for high-volume settings or when creating drinks for groups.

Over the years, we've designed and developed a number of milk pitchers that each have their own charm and appeal. There are two key differences to consider when making your choice:

1. Gauge / Weight
The Dial In Milk Pitcher is made from high grade stainless steel, with a 4mm gauge (or thickness). This adds extra weight to the pitcher, which can be useful for controlling your milk to create latte art.

The Barista Pro Pitcher and the Core Milk Pitcher both offer a 1mm gauge (thickness) which makes them lighter. Some baristas prefer a lighter jug as they find it easier to manoeuvre and create custom latte art designs.

Overall, it comes down to preference. Typically, you are likely to prefer working with the same style jug that you learnt to create latte art with - however, if you're struggling to master your milk it might be worth experimenting with something new.

2. Spout / Mouth
You will notice the biggest difference between the Dial In Milk Pitcher and the other jugs in our collection is the shape. The Barista Pro Pitcher and the Core Milk Pitcher both feature traditional style mouths, that sit straight across the top of the jug.

The Dial In Milk Pitcher features an angled mouth, designed specifically to make it easier to watch your milk while you're frothing it. The angled design helps you to control the positioning of the steam wand when you're heating milk, making it easier to create microfoam for latte art.

The spout is always important when choosing a milk pitcher. You want your spout to be exactly in line with the handle for guaranteed pouring accuracy. All of our professional jugs have a +/- 1mm accuracy.

To keep your milk pitcher clean, it's important to rinse it after each use. This is particularly important in a professional environment as you are dealing with a food item. Our jugs have been designed to be hygienic, using only high-grade stainless steel. They are dishwasher safe.
The best way to clean your milk pitcher is to use a food-safe sanitiser, or a milk cleaner fluid, to remove any residual milk and ensure your jug is perfect for its next use.

Our collection of milk frothing jugs and pitchers is made of medical grade stainless steel and can be washed in the dishwasher. Our coloured milk pitcher range, including the rose brass and black pearl Barista Pro Pitcher, is wrapped in a titanium coating which is also dishwasher friendly.
In a professional environment, it's important to keep your milk pitcher clean after each use. That's why we recommend rinsing after every use and using a soft cloth to dry your pitcher.