whisky cocktail

Bold Harmony: Crafting the Whisky-Infused Coffee Cocktail

What you'll need:


  • 200ml of strong black coffee (brewed in the Strong Brew)
  • 30ml of sweet maple syrup
  • 50ml of your preferred whisky
  • A handful of ice cubes
  • A dash of pure vanilla extract
  • Whipped cream and a sprinkle of cocoa powder (optional garnish for an extra treat)


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coffee and whisky cocktail
whisky based cocktail recipe

The Ultimate Whisky-Infused Coffee Cocktail: Step by Step Guide

First things first, brew 200ml of black coffee using the Strong Brew Coffee Maker.

Once the coffee's ready to roll, let it cool down a bit, allowing its flavours to mingle.

Now, grab your shaker and pour in the cooled coffee, 50ml of your chosen whisky, the maple syrup, and a touch of vanilla extract.

Add a generous handful of ice cubes to the shaker.

Now, it's time to shake!


Close the shaker tightly and shake it. 

Once the shaking's done, grab a sleek glass and strain the cocktail into it, leaving behind any ice cubes.

For the finishing touch, you can crown your creation with a dollop of velvety whipped cream and a delicate sprinkle of cocoa powder.

Tips for Making the Whisky-Infused Coffee Cocktail

⭐ The foundation of a remarkable coffee cocktail lies in brewing a robust and strong black coffee. Ensure that your coffee is brewed to perfection, delivering a powerful kick that pairs harmoniously with the whisky.


 After brewing, allow the black coffee to cool down slightly before proceeding with the cocktail preparation. Allowing the flavours to meld will enhance the overall taste experience.


 Select a high-quality whisky that suits your preferences, whether it's Scotch, bourbon, or any other variety. The right whisky will complement the boldness of the coffee and contribute to the cocktail's refined character.

Why Choose the Whisky-Infused Coffee Cocktail?

Choosing the Whisky-Infused Coffee Cocktail offers a refined and delightful experience, bringing together the best of coffee and whisky in a fusion of flavours.


To explore the rich and complex world of whisky further, Whisky World has everything you need to know.


The boldness of 200ml Strong Brew black coffee and the smoothness of 50ml of premium whisky, results in a tasteful symphony on the palate. The addition of sweet maple syrup and a dash of pure vanilla extract enhances the cocktail's complexity.


The presentation of this cocktail is equally important as its taste. Serve it in the best whiskey glasses, carefully selected to enhance the sensory experience. The smooth curves of the glassware complement the richness of the drink, while its weight feels substantial in hand, promising a moment of pure indulgence with every sip.


By shaking it with ice, the cocktail achieves a refreshing chill whilst allowing the flavours to meld seamlessly.


Sit back, relax and enjoy!