How to use the Strong Brew Coffee Maker

The Strong Brew coffee maker is an innovative new concept from Barista & Co. This coffee maker creates a short, black coffee in just 2 minutes. Not only is it speedy and compact, but the coffee you make with your Strong Brew is super concentrated - featuring 60% more caffeine than a 45ml espresso shot.


In this short video, we cover off the basics of the Strong Brew including what's inside the box and how to use it.



Hi I’m Danny, product designer at Barista & Co. Today, I’m just going to show you how to use your Strong Brew coffee maker.

Opening the Strong Brew

In your Strong Brew box you’re going to get:

  • 100 paper filters
  • Strong Brew coffee maker
  • And, your user manual
  • How to Use Your Strong Brew

    So I’m going to take you through how easy it is to make your Strong Brew coffee. Take your plunger off and take your helix chamber out.


    Then, you’re going to put your paper filter into your handle and insert the helix chamber again. This simply twists back into place. Now, place your Strong Brew on top of your cup.


    Now it’s time to add your coffee. We recommend using about 15g of ground coffee, which is about 1 heaped tablespoon. Once you’ve scooped in your coffee, give it a shake to level it out and then get your boiling water and pour straight into your chamber (over the top of your coffee). You’ll see that you start to get a little drip through, but that’s fine.


    You want to fill it to just about 1cm below the top of the chamber. When you’re ready, give it a quick stir. This ensures all the coffee grounds get submerged for even extraction.


    Then, what you want to do is use the alignment markings on the upper and lower handle and ease it on. Push the upper handle down slightly, just until it starts twisting. Then I give it a little pull back. What that does is creates a vacuum inside your chamber so you can leave that to brew now, we recommend 2 minutes for the best tasting coffee.


    After your coffee has brewed for 2 minutes, what you’re going to do is gently pick up your Strong Brew and just twist to plunge.


    You shouldn’t need to use too much force, it will do it on it’s own. And that’s it. You’re done.


    So what you’ve created is about 200ml of really concentrated coffee, it’s up to you whether you want to top it up with milk or enjoy it black. If you prefer a longer, Americano coffee you can also top it up with hot water.

    Step-by-Step Guide

    The Strong Brew coffee maker by Barista & Co is a compact and speedy coffee maker that produces a short, black coffee in just 2 minutes. The coffee made with Strong Brew is super concentrated and contains 60% more caffeine than a 45ml espresso shot.


    To use the Strong Brew coffee maker:

    1. Remove the plunger and helix chamber from the coffee maker.
    2. Insert a paper filter into the handle and place the helix chamber back in, twisting it into place.
    3. Put the Strong Brew coffee maker on top of your cup.
    4. Add about 15g of ground coffee (approximately 1 heaped tablespoon) to the chamber.
    5. Shake the coffee maker to level out the coffee grounds.
    6. Pour boiling water into the chamber over the coffee until it reaches about 1cm below the top of the chamber.
    7. Give the mixture a quick stir to ensure even extraction.
    8. Use the alignment markings on the handles to align and secure them. Push the upper handle down slightly until it starts twisting, then give it a little pull back to create a vacuum inside the chamber.
    9. Let the coffee brew for 2 minutes.
    10. After 2 minutes, gently pick up the Strong Brew and twist to plunge.
    11. The coffee should plunge easily without requiring much force.
    12. The result is about 200ml of concentrated coffee that can be enjoyed black or topped up with milk or hot water for an Americano-style coffee.

    Strong Brew FAQs

    We recommend using a medium-fine grind of your favourite coffee for best results with the Strong Brew coffee maker.

    The Strong Brew is dishwasher safe, but for the easiest cleaning, simply rinse off the components under the tap and dry them with a towel.

    The Strong Brew is made of durable plastic, designed to last for decades and brew thousands of coffees in its lifetime.

    The Strong Brew is a filter coffee maker, like a pour-over or cafetiere, but it creates a unique coffee style. You'll enjoy a clean-tasting cup with no residual grounds. Moreover, it only takes 2 minutes to brew, unlike the 7-minute wait for a cafetiere.

    Absolutely! We offer a convenient travel bag for those who want to take the Strong Brew on outdoor adventures. Additionally, all spare parts are available for purchase, so you can easily repair any accidents that may happen. For eco-conscious coffee lovers, there is a separate reusable stainless steel filter that can be used with the Strong Brew.

    The Strong Brew makes one cup of strong coffee at a time, providing approximately 200ml of coffee per brew. It is designed to deliver concentrated coffee for a rich and satisfying experience.

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