Discovery Pack
Discovery Pack
Discovery Pack
Discovery Pack
Discovery Pack
Discovery Pack
Discovery Pack
Discovery Pack
Discovery Pack

The Discovery Pack

Try a Selection of Our Best Coffee Beans

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Three unrivalled coffees. One opportunity to taste them all. Find the coffee you love today with our brand new discovery pack.


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Barista & Co roast coffee weekly, on Monday and Tuesday, at our Dorset roastery. Our fresh roasted coffee beans are then rested to release excess carbon dioxide. Then we pack our beans into 350g or 1kg recyclable coffee bags ready to deliver to your door.


Delivery Costs:

Royal Mail Tracked 48 Hour Delivery: Free Over £40

Royal Mail Tracked 48 Hour Delivery (mailer): £2.95

Royal Mail Tracked 48 Hour Delivery (small parcel): £3.95


Please Note: We dispatch all 350g coffee bags in letterbox-friendly mailers. If you order more than one 350g bag or a kg bag, your order will be delivered in a small parcel.


We dispatch all orders placed before 1pm Monday-Friday that day. Orders placed after 1pm, on the weekend or during a bank holiday are dispatched the next working day. As soon as your coffee has been dispatched, you will receive an email with the tracking number.

Fresh Coffee Beans

We roast coffee beans in Dorset every week so they're always fresh when they arrive

Free Stuff with Every Order

Earn beans every time you shop online with Barista & Co Rewards

Recyclable Packaging

Your coffee bag can go straight in the green bin when you're finished

Indy Best 2022

Proudly named one of the best independent roasters in the UK

Introducing our first ever coffee taster pack, the Discovery Pack. Explore 3 different styles of coffee, roasted weekly in Dorset.

We pride ourselves on providing exceptional quality at the best price. By working with farmers we know by name, we're able to lock in the best single origin coffee's from all over the world. We're on a mission to get the best possible cup of coffee in your hands. That means less faff, no jargon and a straightforward selection of the best coffee beans.

It's all about the journey. We're making it easier for everyone to explore specialty coffee. And the journey starts with finding the coffee that you love. That's what this discovery pack is all about.

This selection of coffee beans is your opportunity to try:
  • Our House Darker Roast
  • Our House Lighter Roast
  • Our House Espresso Roast

Our House Darker Roast

Hand-picked by farmers we know by name in Brazil, our House Darker Roast is a mix of chocolate and nutty flavours. This is our most popular coffee, with almost 70% of subscribers going for the darker roast.
You'll love this roast if you take your coffee with milk, either as a latte, cappuccino or flat white. It's also our go to roast when we're using an espresso machine.

Our House Lighter Roast

Whenever we do a blind taste test, Our House Lighter Roast comes out on top. These coffee beans are grown in volcanic soils in Mexico, and roasted weekly in Dorset.
You can expect bright, berry fruit tasting notes and vanilla and almond undertones. This single origin coffee is unique. It's unlike anything you'll find on the supermarket shelves and not one you want to pass up.

Our House Espresso Roast

Brand new for 2023, Our House Espresso Roast is our darkest roast yet. Created for people that love the intense, bitter flavours of Italian-style coffee.
You'll love this coffee if you are looking for something stronger. It's the perfect roast for all espresso-based drinks. Our House Espresso Roast will also pair well with all alternative milks. It's punchy enough to cut through the sweetness.



What is Single Origin Coffee?

Single Origin Coffee is a term used for coffee that is grown within a distinct geographic region or area. As a result, it often has unique characteristics and specific tastes when compared to blended coffees from multiple regions.

The taste of single origins tends to be bolder and more robust, with an exotic taste. Often favoured for its purity and high quality, single origin coffee delivers a cleaner, more aromatic brew compared to a blend.

Explore our range of single origin coffees or try our selection pack to find your favourite.

Can I Use Filter Ground Coffee in My Cafetiere?

Yes, filter ground coffee can be used in a cafetiere.

Cafetieres are best brewed with coarse ground coffee, like filter. Getting the correct grind size for your coffee maker will make a difference to the brew overall, making for a cleaner, more flavourful coffee.

A coffee press is most compatible with a coarse grind size in order to prevent overextraction when the coffee is submersed in the hot water.

Read this blog to learn how to make the perfect cafetiere coffee at home.

To find the perfect coffee for your coffee press, why not explore our darker roast coffee, lighter roast coffee or decaf coffee?

What’s the Difference Between Dark Roast and Light Roast Coffee?

As suggested in the name, darker roast are beans that have been roasted for longer, whilst light roasts are more lightly roasted. As a result, light roast beans are paler in colour and generally more acidic in flavour. Lighter roasted beans keep their caffeine content and delicate aroma more than darker roasted beans, due to them retaining the oils during the shorter roasting process.

On the contrary, darker roasted beans are naturally more bitter in taste with bolder, more straight-forward flavours. As a rule of thumb, darker roasted coffee is enjoyed best when paired with milk. The sweetness of the milk counteracts the bitterness of the dark roasted bean, whilst a light roast bean’s more delicate flavours are best not compromised.

If you're interested in the difference between dark roasted and light roasted coffee beans, you can learn more in our Barista Journal.

Best Coffee Beans

Freshly Roasted Specialty Coffee

At Barista & Co, we only use high grade, single origin coffee that we would be happy to drink ourselves. We ensure excellence when it comes to specialty coffee by working with community-driven independent farms, roasting in small batches and quality-checking every bean.

We roast our coffee fresh every Monday and Tuesday, and leave the beans to rest for 48 hours for a better tasting brew.

Discover Barista & Co
Why Choose Our Discovery Pack?

We're here to get the best cup of coffee into your hands. That means helping you find some coffee beans that you love. Our Discovery Pack gives you the chance to try 3 amazing coffees from all over the world.

Did you know?

We asked 1,000 people what their favourite coffee was and they all said darker roast. However, we ran a blind taste test at Barista & Co Social. The results surprised us! Most people said they preferred Our House Lighter Roast. Why not try them both?

600+ People Would Recommend Barista & Co Coffee to a Friend


Just love the way the beans are roasted just for me (well there may be others in the batch) then posted to me asap. I didn’t think I’d be able to taste the difference but I can and it’s worth the little extra. Communication is also excellent to ensure the service is what I require.

January 2023

Great team in the Ringwood Coffee shop/office. Always welcoming, full of enthusiasm and a real desire to share their expert knowledge of great coffee.
Thank you for the education, I can now make my perfect coffee at home, I love your single origin light roast, my personal favourite.

December 2022

Consistently good coffee beans at a very reasonable price with discounts on future purchases through the "Free Beans" system. Very close to dropping the other supplier and going all in with a Barista and Co subscription.

December 2022

The postman doesn’t have to knock twice when the barista coffee arrives.

January 2023

Lovey shop, great coffee and friendly and helpful staff. Took a lot of time to talk me through my coffee and coffee machine choice based on my likes, ability and budget.

When I ordered my coffee beans they kindly contacted the warehouse that day to see if my order could be added to that days roast so I didn’t have to wait a week for great coffee at home! 👍

November 2022

Excellent communications. Excellent coffee and the fact that it is ethically sourced makes it all the better.

November 2022

I have always had a great experience with Barista & Co, their client service and quality of coffee is amazing and I enjoy their selection of coffee. From their coffee to the packaging!

November 2022