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Great coffee isn't just a work perk, 89% expect a great brew at the office. Discover fuss-free office coffee machines for everyone on your team to enjoy.

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We don't do vending. We don't do boring. We don't do average.

We do specialty coffee for forward-thinking businesses like yours. If you care about the cup of coffee you're drinking, get in touch.

Barista and Co brew box bean to cup office coffee machine


Brew Box 2.0

The best office coffee machine for teams of up to 25, capable of making 50 drinks per day. This bean-to-cup machine offers everything a growing team needs at the best price, including:

  • Direct feed or 8L water tank
  • Customisable drink options and touch screen
  • Ground decaf coffee hopper
  • Fresh milk fridge and options for alternative milk
  • Self-cleaning milk rinser
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    600+ People Would Recommend Barista & Co to Friends and Family


    Excellent communications. Excellent coffee and the fact that it is ethically sourced makes it all the better.

    Michael Blackwell
    Norwich, UK

    Great communication about the personalisation, I'd ordered 2 different jugs and it was important that the names went on the right ones.

    Rowena Stephenson
    York, UK

    Delivered in time for Christmas, even though ordered quite late. Machine a great hit and easy to set up and use. Very pleased with the results so far and coffee never tasted so good!

    Rachel Cooze
    Chippenham, UK

    I really can’t think of anything negative to say about barista. They definitely tick all the boxes

    Barry Gaston
    Coleraine, UK

    Great team in the Ringwood Coffee shop/office. Always welcoming, full of enthusiasm and a real desire to share their expert knowledge of great coffee.
    Thank you for the education, I can now make my perfect coffee at home, I love your single origin light roast, my personal favourite.
    Keep up the good work.

    Craig Chapman
    Dorset, UK

    Office Coffee Machines ➡️

    Discover our full range of coffee machines.

    Brew Box 2.0

    A fresh milk bean-to-cup coffee machine for small offices up to 30 people.

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    WMF 950 S

    A bean-to-cup machine for small-to-medium sized offices that love a wide variety of drinks.

    WMF 1100 S

    Discover the next-level of office bean-to-cup machines that's easy to use, easy to clean and built to last.

    WMF 1300 S

    The best-bean-to-cup office coffee machine for growing teams and businesses, with custom machine upgrades.

    WMF 1500 S

    The ultimate bean-to-cup coffee machine for large offices and creative spaces.

    Eagle One Prima

    For offices that choose quality over quantity, a manual espresso machine that does it all.

    office coffee machine premium

    Eversys Core

    Modern coffee at it's best, this office bean-to-cup machine is guaranteed to give you a quality brew.

    Victoria Arduino logo
    Marco boiler systems for making tea at hotel or restaurants

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Our entry level Brew Box starts from £3 per day and a small water filter is approximately £150. Service packages start at £150 per year or you can choose to go with an hourly rate option on the Brew Box, WMF 950 S and Victoria Arduino machines. Once we have spoken to you and understand your needs and budget, we will provide a quick guide on costs followed by a full quotation for you to review.

    No. Our business is built around the three pillars of excellent specialty coffee; roast fresh, grind fresh and brew fresh. Our machines and coffees have been partnered and tested together so we can deliver the best possible cup of coffee for your team and guests. Find out more about our coffee here where you can save up to 35% on our award-winning specialty coffee.

    This depends on your circumstances. It will be cheapest to buy outright and then take out a separate servicing package however leasing provides the option to spread the cost over 3 years and has tax benefits for your company. When your lease agreement comes to an end you have the option to pay a small admin fee to own the machine or you can simply hand back and upgrade to a new model. You can read a guide to leasing from our partners at the Lease Group.

    You are welcome to visit Barista & Co Social where we have demonstration machines. We are also happy to arrange a video call for a demo so you can see the machines in action. 

    The simple answer is yes as all machines will require some amount of cleaning to ensure they continue to work properly. Even our entry level Brew Box has an automated milk rinse which reduces cleaning time. When we speak to you we can offer advice on cleaning and when we install the machine we provide a video to help with those daily cleaning tasks. As we only use fresh milk a basic daily clean (approx 5 minutes) is required.

    100%. Like your kettle at home, coffee machines are susceptible to scale build up and it will stop the machine working and lead to very expensive repairs and servicing. This is highlighted by the fact that manufacturers will not provide warranty cover if the machine has scale build up and has not been cleaned and maintained correctly. We work with BWT who offer industry leading water filters to keep things running smoothly.

    This depends on the area that you work and how much water you use. We will take care of this for you and ensure we inform you when it is time for a water filter change. To minimise cost we would suggest using the water filter only for you coffee machine and water boiler. 

    You can make hot chocolate with all the machines. The Brew Box and WMF 950 S require you to add hot chocolate to a cup and the machine will then dispense the right milk into the cup. On the WMF 1300 S upwards you have the option for a chocolate powder hopper so the whole process can be automated.

    If you would like to offer two milk options you will require a cooler system that has the option for both milks. This is possible in the WMF 1500 S and the Eversys Core machines. For those on a tighter budget or in a small office environment the easiest solution is to swap the milk feed directly into an alternative milk carton. It should be noted that no manufacturers guarantee that no traces of dairy milk can be avoided so those with strong allergies should consider other options. 

    No, as a roaster of fresh whole bean specialty coffee we place great importance on the flavour of the final beverage and powdered milks simply do not deliver on this. All of our solutions are recommended with fresh milk coolers so you get that true coffee shop experience. 

    We offer service packages for all the machines so you can rest assured we will have you up and running in no time. If we are unable to fix on-site we will offer a loan machine while our service technician fixes your machine. 

    The manufacturer warranties vary however most come with a 1 year parts only warranty and an expected life of 5 years. The warranty can be extended with servicing and care packages. If your machine breaks we charge parts out at cost and only charge for our labour time. We believe in proactive care and we will guide you to ensure we maximise the lifetime of your machine.

    We do provide compostable cups and packaging from our partners at Decent Packaging as well as all the cleaning products you need. We don't offer other consumables such as milk and sugar. Our team will set you up with a shopping list and we can create a monthly delivery for you from our partner brands so it is hassle free.  

    Absolutely, we believe that is part of the specialty coffee shop experience. We work with Loveramics who are the chosen cup supplier of the barista world championships. The cups are available in a range of colours to match your company and custom logo print is also available. We also offer a range professional milk pitchers to compliment your set-up. 

    We are based in the New Forest in Hampshire, UK and only offer the Brew Box and WMF 950 S in Hampshire, Dorset and Wiltshire. We are proud to supply all other models across the UK and work with companies from Edinburgh to London. We do not offer a service internationally.