Build Your Office Coffee Plan

You’re one step away from getting super fresh whole bean coffee delivered straight to your office from as little as £20 per kilo! As a subscriber, you’re already guaranteed 10% off. But wait. There’s more.

You could save up to 25% more when you build your plan! Simply select how many bags you want and enter the relevant office coffee discount code before you checkout.


Choose Your Coffee


How many cups of coffee do you drink each day?

10 cups60 cups

Choose the number of bags you want

1 kilo28 kilos


Have you thought about decaf?

Our Brew Box 2.0 bean-to-cup office coffee machine has a separate compartment for ground decaf coffee to avoid cross-contamination during the grinding process. Make sure you add ground decaf to your subscription if anyone in your office or any visitors like their coffee minus the caffeine!


How much decaf should we deliver?


How often would you like your fresh coffee delivered?