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A journey that started because we love coffee...

...And continued because you love coffee too.

Barista & Co set about to make specialty coffee easier. It turns out, the everyday coffee lover (like you and me) isn't using jargon like 'mouthfeel', 'body' and 'velvety' to describe the coffee they like to drink. And why should they have to? Take specialty coffee, but make it easy. That's where we started, and where we're still going 10 years later.

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Coffee is Personal, and so are we.

"We seem to forget how personal coffee is. If you ask your friends what type of coffee they enjoy, there’s a fair chance they’ll give you a different answer. There’s no one size fits all when it comes to brewing coffee but with a simple brew guide, we want to help. You don’t have to be a coffee geek to make great coffee."

woman drinking coffee with dog

Brew It Stick

James, a self-confessed coffee geek, and Louise, a coffee lover, wanted an easy way to brew fresh coffee at home. After a couple of glasses of Shiraz, they had a blue print for a coffee infuser that was quick and compact. The Brew It Stick was developed later that year.

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Asking the Nation

It wasn't long before James & Louise started looking at what they could do next. This time, they took a different approach and asked 1,200 people what sort of coffee they enjoy.

They discovered the average coffee drinking, like you and me, wasn't using terms like 'velvety', 'mouthfeel' and 'body' to describe the type of coffee they enjoy. Instead, people based their preferences on strength.

Based on this feedback, they began developing a range of coffee makers that sat along a strength scale.

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Breaking into Electrical

Designing filter coffee makers was one thing, but Barista & Co knew that the best tasting coffee was always ground fresh. In order to help people drink better coffee at home, they needed to develop a coffee grinder.

The Core All Grind hit the shelves in 2020, picking up awards in its first year for best home grinder. Today, it's the Core All Grind Plus that people can't stop talking about.

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The Master of Milk

We worked with 6x Latte Art Champion and author of Coffee Art, Dhan Tamang, to create the Barista Pro Pitcher... But this was no ordinary milk pitcher.

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Coffee Makers created for Coffee Lovers.

"Barista & Co are proud to be keeping it fresh. Our coffee makers are on the shelves in some of the biggest retailers in the world, including Selfridges and Harrods.

But the thing we're most proud of is our customers, a community of people who love food and drink and are about the quality of their products and the impact the production has on the world around them."

Core All Grind Plus

Electric Coffee Grinder

Electric Coffee Grinder with Stainless Steel Conical Burrs

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Discover our electric coffee grinder with 50 grind settings from espresso to cold brew, bellow lid for better grind retention and stainless steel dosing cup.
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electric coffee grinder with bellow lid
custom grind settings on electric coffee grinder
coarse ground coffee grinder
bellow lid coffee grinder reduce static
using bellow lid on coffee grinder hopper
slimline counter electric coffee grinder for home
quiet electric coffee grinder with conical burrs
espresso grinder for home
barista and co core all grind plus
unboxing barista and co core all grind plus
removing conical burrs for cleaning
electric coffee bean grinder with bellow lid removed